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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

oh my god!!!! 6th silver 7

cant believe it i manage to lose 4.5lbs this week making it a total of 45.5lbs!!!!!

i,ve only got 4.5lbs till my 50lbs i can almost taste it still aiming to get this done for xmas got 2 weeks to do it in!!!!

so this week i,ll be mostly doing exercise!!!! gonna drink plently of water! it will be hard as i,m out sat and sun so will need to work very very hard!!!!!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

another week has gone by...

and 2 more pounds have gone with it!!!!

soo pleased! especially as it was totm and doing the new diet also didnt know how my body would take to it! :) :)

right targets i,m still on track for my 50lb by xmas got 5 weeks left and 10.5lbs to go! cant believe i,ve manage to lose 10 in 3 weeks so far!

also only 2.5lbs till my 3st

and only 7.5lbs till im in the onederlands soo excited!!!!!!!!

hope u all have a great week!!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

its only 4pp!!!! very yummy!!!!!
and skips prawn cocktail flavour are only 2pp :)
i havent been doing too badly with pp i dont think anyway lol.
friday i only had 29 out of 32
saturday i had 32 out of 32 plus 5 of my wekkly extra
sunday had 31 our of 32
think it will take a me a good month to get use to what i can eat and not eat and what pp are what and how my body acts if i eat all of the weekly pts! many people are geting mixed feelings about this propoints thing some people are gaining some a losing big and some are losing lil!! so be interesting to see how i do!!! but i do have my aunt flow which sucks!! :(

Friday, 12 November 2010

woop woop weigh in

i was still on the original points!
i wasnt expecting anyting as i had such a great loss last week but i stepped on the scales and i lost 2lbs!!! sooooo pleased with that , thats 8lbs in 2 weeks and 37.5lbs in total!
we had our propoints meeting thursday and i was nervous about it all but it makes sense really, and actually looked forward to friday and working out how i was gonna do this.
well today is friday and i,m stuffed as a pig!!! and still got 3 pp left i cant eat any more i had:

i was naughty had no breakfast very busy

lunch: 2 ww bread, chicken slices, salad. 1 orange. a yoghurt. ww crisps all for 9pp

dinner: 150g pasta. salad. veg. 5 chicken dippers all for 9pp

evenin snacks: 2 jumbo snack a jacks. asda baked bar. 1 pink and white. 1 orange. dimebar.

3 remain!!

well lets see how the weekend goes

Sunday, 7 November 2010

looks like ww has finally gone down

was expecting this!! just wish it hurrys up and update i,m eager to see the new site what what interesting things they have put in!!!

a bit too much info but i have finally gone for a number 2 after 3 longgggg days might have a sneaky peak tommo ad see if its helped at all as today it read 15st 1.3/4lbs see if i can dip into the 14's would be nice! would love to lose 2lbs this week but having such a big loss last week u tend not to do soo well the 2nd week!

my poor lil baby boy is buuunngggeeddd to the eyeballs he is snorting with every breathe :( so will speak to the health visitor tomo right off to bed i go!!!

night night all

Friday, 5 November 2010

1st weigh in woop

wow as u can tell by the lovely picture some how i manage to lose 6lbs this week. i,m soo please its a great start back into my weight loss journey!! just got to keep up with the drinking 2ltrs of water. i have now lost 35.5lbs and i got my silver 7 woop woop! before this loss i needed 20.5lbs to my 50lbs and now its only 14.5 and all i keep thinking is can i lose that by xmas or am i giving myself a too big of a challenge!!???? i have 7 weeks you know what i,m gonna go for it ! might help me to push my self the extra mile!
feeling really positive today just hope it keeps up!

new plan i,m looking forward to it!! just to see how its all gonna work out my leader said they have been doing this pro points for a year! wow and noone knew not even the leaders lol just got this image of a secret clan going to a hidden cave lol so obviously ww have researched this throughly and tested it so it has to work otherwise they wouldnt be doing this!

heres to another good productive week :)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

oh dear had a sneaky peak!!

why god why do we do this we either get too excited or really depressed!!!!

well mine says a 5lb loss so far and still got 2 days to go! eekkkk and i know the scales read the same as ww ones i would love a 5lb loss in my first week kick start the weight loss nicely.

havent really done much this week got swimming tommo so cant wait for that
oh my phone has either died or the charger has so waiting for a new one to come in the post, i feel soo lost with out my phone i,m using a really old one at the mo lol its 5years old and very basic! doh

oh well off to bed for me night all