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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 8 February 2010

10 weeks today

where has the time gone!!!!!

feeling very sick these days i hate it and i,m hungry all the time :( i know its a good excuse to eat but from going to ww to being pregnant it throws you off completely!

well i was ment to see my midwife 3rd feb and was very upset when i got there she actually booked me in for the 3rd march!!! i be nearly 14 weeks by then i,ve ment to have seen the midwife twice and had my scan!! not impressed!!! manage to get a closer one for the 16th feb!!

going through weird feelings at the mo it still doesnt feel real and i still cant believe i manage to do it naturally considering i have pcos!!

my tummy has started to go hard and slightly showing on the top part of my tummy!!! i look further pregnant then what i am!!