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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 31 August 2009

sorry been missing

well i,ve had very hectic 2 weeks!!!!

i got a new phone a nokia n97 in white which i love :) just before goig to devon for a week so i ddint bother updating people with my new number well my friends and family got it so u can magine my surprise when my dad called on the wednesday 19th saying the council have tried calling me! so i called them back thinking whats up and i couldnt believe it when they said they are putting my name forward to the letting agency for a 2 bed GROUND floor flat but were i,m still on a joint mortgage with my ex they might reject me so when i came back from the holiday i had a letter saying i have to go see the letting people on the monday 24th and bring all relivant documents. well they gave it to me and i viewed it needed a lot of paint as it was old fashioned but very good condition and i got my keys on friday!!!!

so this whole weekend been painting erins room and the living room!!!! and is looking good very excited hoping to move in fully this weekend coming as everything is being delivered then :)

havent been weighed for 2-3 weeks been so busy but stepped on scales at home and said a 4.5lbs gain which aint too bad!!!!!!!!

hope all is ok!! hugs to all

Thursday, 13 August 2009

feel a bit bitter sweet today...

,....... dont know if thats the phrase well it is now well

had my hospital appointment to get my results for my blood work and james 2nd semen jobby (for people who dont know i,m trying to get pregnant#) well the blood work for my day 21 i could have cried the doc said he would like to see the level at 30 mine was less then 1 yes you saw right less then 1!!! so im not ovulating and when i do bleed i,m not actually ovulating then its just my body flushing everything out :( so he said could do 1 of 3 things
1) wit a few months as i might fall naturally
2) start on clomid
3) do iui ( my partner has a good count but lets just say some cant be bothered to get there bums off the sofa

so the doc said go with clomid but before we do that i have to have another scan call hycosy and thats stands for hysterosalpingo contrast sonogram basically they are goone shove a tube right ur into the cervic to make sure the whole is clear and shoot dye into my tube to make sure they are ok!!! been told by afriend that this hurts and she sreamed and cried and people she know went fo it also did the same!!! i am a wimp so this will hurt it does mention i have to take paracetomal 30 mins before to easy any discomfort......

.....hahah discomfort = PAIN in docs language

once i get these results they will put me on clomid so next appointment to find results is 16th november!!!!! feel really low and crap i knew having pcos u get probs and where i concieved before i just thought my umber would be higher but less then 1 thats shit!!!!!!!

on the up side i did lose 2lbs this week making it 28.5lbs= 2st 05lbs

yes i got my 2 st my 4th silver 7 tonight so i,m happy with that:~) i,m on holiday next week but already got my meeting set up for when i,m in devon so i,m all organised and being a good girl!!!!

big big hugs to all i know i need one :)


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

getting better

well all day yesterday she was throwingup everything had t go to the docs twice as they said i she hasnt improved by the afternoo n have to bring her back so i did, and the doc said right if she throws up again take her up the hospital, so she had a drink at 6 came to about 11 and she threw it up but i didnt take her up the hospital as it took 5 hrs this time instead of 20 mins so i said to my other half if she doesit again well go, bless her we all slept through to 11am the next day we went and saw the doc as she just wanted to check how she is getting on ...well erin is walking and talking she is a lil groggy but a lot lot better :) just glad she is on the mend as we are going on holiday on saturday!! off to hopefully sunny devon for a week cant wait
i,ve alredy go my weigh in placed its only a mile away from the caravan site and its on a tuesday cant believe i,m being this good and organised i know if i dont weigh in i,ll come back putting half a stone on gulp!!!!!!!

oh nsv i think i,m becoming a complete size 22 as now my work trouser fit nicely and 3 jeans fit now woohooooo still got one left , but it looks a lot like a size 20 oh talking about a size 20 i tried on my lil black skirt to see how far i gotto fit in there and i got into it its a lil snug round the waist but with the right top it looks great :) soo happy


Monday, 10 August 2009

miserable old mondays

well got my lil girl back from her dads saturday all was fine come sunday she starts throwing up!! i cant even handle my own sick let alone anyone elses....yes i am a wimp!!!! and the poor lil soul is still puking her guts out today so thats 48hrs so far. she cant keep water or food down :( went to docs today at 11.30 and she has a bug but they want me to keep an eye on her and if she is like it this evening got to go back to the docs and go from there!! they said worse case is she,ll have to go to hospital to be put on a drip to rehydrate her!!!
hate seeing her like this makes me feel helpless !!! just hope she is better for our holiday this weekend...

so i couldnt go the gym today hopefully will still be able to go wednesday , feel so blah and bloated at the mo though :(

well hopefully the doc will have some nice news this evening

Saturday, 8 August 2009

get in!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for being late and all!!!!!!

well i got weighed thursday and it came up with 15st 10lbs it took me 15 secs to realise what happened but thats 3 lbs woohoooooooo i lost 3lbs worked so hard this week and all with all the running i,ve started doing :) :)

oh i got my 10% yayayayayayayayayayayayay the most important thing and i nearly forgot to mention it lol i sat down waiting for the meeting to start looking at my card and i just got soo upset (of joy) felt sooo happy that i have come this far!!!! and now i,m only 1.5lbs away from getting 2st my 4th silver 7!!!

i,m soo determind now to get that 1.5lbs before my holiday next week! i did an hour on the wii yesterday and today done another hour plus went out for a 90 min walk in the evening prob do another hour tommo lol plus the gym mon, wednes and thurs :)

hope all of you have a great week if u didnt big hugs and you,ll have an even better week next week


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

my night out

have no idea what happened to the camera but i,m loving this red effect looking quite sexy here ;)

started off all nicely!!!! cute lil girly pics hahah but there is a reason i should not drink...........
and this pic below is a reason!!!! lol there was another one more but mmmm not for the faint hearted its on my facebook if u dare to look lol

hahaha things we do when were drunk lol

Monday, 3 August 2009

my god where did the weekend go...

well saturday i had 9.5pts worth of food was soo pleased which ment i had13.5pts towards alcohol :) well before we left my mates house i think i had 4 or 5 glasses of wine... no think it was 4 well average at 2pts so thats 8pts gulp!! got tothe club and had 3 glasses of complimentary bubbly hmmm 3pts each maybe i also had corky shots the cheery flavour so i,m thinking 20pts for alcohol!!! which i dont think is toooooo bad could be worseso i,m only 7pts over for the day...
.....BUT i did do 2 hours worth of dancing at medium level i made sure it was at least meduim level so thats works out to be 8.5bp so after all of that i had 1.5pts left over woop woop

well my sunday i didnt get out of bed more like couldnt was so hung over i ached felt sick headache was not good :( but was a good girl i had 17.5 pts worth of food and saved 5.5pts just incase my calculations are wrong for sat as i need to lose my 2lbs all i can hear in my head is 10% 10%

was a lil naughty girl though i had a sp today and was a lil shock it said 15st 10.5 wow couldnt believe it thats 2.5lbs down :) but still got another 3 days so anything can happen!!!!!

i,m off to watch my biggest loser now :)