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weight loss ticker!!!!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

getting better

well all day yesterday she was throwingup everything had t go to the docs twice as they said i she hasnt improved by the afternoo n have to bring her back so i did, and the doc said right if she throws up again take her up the hospital, so she had a drink at 6 came to about 11 and she threw it up but i didnt take her up the hospital as it took 5 hrs this time instead of 20 mins so i said to my other half if she doesit again well go, bless her we all slept through to 11am the next day we went and saw the doc as she just wanted to check how she is getting on ...well erin is walking and talking she is a lil groggy but a lot lot better :) just glad she is on the mend as we are going on holiday on saturday!! off to hopefully sunny devon for a week cant wait
i,ve alredy go my weigh in placed its only a mile away from the caravan site and its on a tuesday cant believe i,m being this good and organised i know if i dont weigh in i,ll come back putting half a stone on gulp!!!!!!!

oh nsv i think i,m becoming a complete size 22 as now my work trouser fit nicely and 3 jeans fit now woohooooo still got one left , but it looks a lot like a size 20 oh talking about a size 20 i tried on my lil black skirt to see how far i gotto fit in there and i got into it its a lil snug round the waist but with the right top it looks great :) soo happy


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