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weight loss ticker!!!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

god i feel sick what a week!!!

well i was soo happy after losing 4lbs last week so the week started well then it was my lil girls 2nd birthday on sunday and had loads of friends and family round and party food gulp!!!! so i indulged a bit but monday i was good and went to the gym then tuesday i found out that my lil girl got confirmed with swine flu and tonsilitus, she was with her dad for a couple oof days so i,m worried sick but now she is back home so i can look after her!!!!
so i binged tuesday and again today and i actually fel quite sick why have i done this too my self! i have been good since i started the diet it is true though crap actually makes u feel like crap!!
oh today i have just been told my auntie has died! have no idea why or what happened so they are investigating it my poor uncle is devastated 8yrs ago she had a stroke and never fully recovered and it affected her voice also plus she is a diabetic, my mum seems to think is was an infection that she picked up which i dont know from what!!! just feel quite numb it doesnt feel real like its some kind of sick joke some one is playing!! hate this feeling, this is the first death that i have experienced apart from pets, so i,m just.... dunno upset confused angry hate it!!!
and i got weigh in!!! meh plus i,m due on any day agghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

very quick note on weigh in

i manage to lose 4lbs this week couldnt believe it and getting my 5th silver 7 yay 2st 7.5lbs thats just scary amount of weight!!!!!!!

i,ll write more tommo as its getting late but i,m a very happy bunny eeekkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!1

Monday, 19 October 2009

this is what 50lbs less looks like

hiya i did that look 50lbs slimmer so this is what 170lbs looks like i quite like it :) yay but looks weird the same time!!! boyf likes the look of it which surprised me as he is a curvy kinda woman lover which worrys me as i want to be a 12 to 14 he is like nothing wrong with 18 or 16!!! i dont want to be a 18 or 16 i want to be happy with my size and thats a 12 to 14!
so instead of being worried my boys would leave me for a skinner person i,m worrie he,ll leave me for a bigger girl!!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

2.3st gone before and after pics

this is a very recent pic of me soo recent it was taken today lol this is with a weight loss off 2st 3 lbs hahah theres not much difference between the 2 at all
oh well never mind lets see what happens with another stone off
the one in purple 17st 8, in grey 15st 5

Thursday, 15 October 2009

lil bit meh

meh meh meh

only lost 0.5lbs not gonna reach one of my targets by xmas now well not at this rate any way!!
i know its still half a pound off but i burnt over 4k cals and the txt book says to burn a pound u have to burn 3500 cal grrrrr
i have upped my gym so maybe my body needs time to adjust plus i,m due on in a couple of days so maybe thats it would be nice to have a big loss next week after the low 3 weeks i,ve had!!!

oh well lets see what happens this week!


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

i got sky

god i love it make sme realise how sad i truely am!!
on record i have
ugly betty
dont tell the bride
how to look good naked
collens real woman
x factor
biggest loser austrailia
biggest loser usa
one tree hill

lol think thats every thing lol

oh well back to the gilmore girls hehehehehehehe

oh had a sneaky peak and it said a 1.5lbs off fingers crossed peeps as its weigh in day tommo

Monday, 12 October 2009

just ate the most yummy sandwich ever

it was huge .................. yummy

3 slices of ww bread
ww mayo
low low fat colslaw
wafer thin ham

and all for 3.5pts yummy!!!!!!!!!

still trying to be good especially if i wanna lose my 2lbs a week for the next 3 weeks to get to my special goal!!!!!

hope everyone is ok


Thursday, 8 October 2009

weigh in result

hi guys!!!

well i manage to lose 1.5lbs this week so i,m happy wished it was more as i did work my ass off all week but u never know what will happy next week!!! so thats 31lbs now or 2st 3lbs yay!!! still cant beileve i,m still doing the diet and that i havent quit yet!!

i,ve only got 6lbs till i get to my lowest in 3 years and i,m excited but petrified!!! i,ll be 14st 13.5lbs the 14's thats just crazy just wish it was here already lol well i want to do it in 3 weeks thats 2lbs a week!!! then i can make my next goal of 14st 0.5 and that will be my 50lbs!! now that is another scary amount i think the most i have ever lost in a diet and that is with ww and i never got given my 50lb certificate and i was gutted she couldnt get hold of one for ages and thats when i slowly went off the rails and started putting back on!!! :( but this time its different quite a few people are surprised i havent quit already (they said it in a nice way bless them) and its true i havent quite maybe this is my time! i dont want to be fat and 30 i have been sooo miserable through my teens and 20's i want some happiness!!! and i,m gonna get it!!

hope u all had a good week!!


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

i am on a roll...

well sun i did 16k steps mon i did 13k steps and todat i did 14k steps!!!!!!
plus did the gym mon and going tomo and thursday!! i had better los more then a bloody pound this week!!!!! worked my shrinking butt off!!!

nsv!!!!! people at work have finally noticed my wweight losss eekkk well last wek they did cant rememeber if i mentioned it or not 2 diff people mentioned it that i,ve lost loads and looking great, and another thing i keep geeting ispeople asking me how well i am and how come i havent failed it was ment nicer then it sounds they just couldnt believe how motivated i was as they always start and quit after a week or two!!
the weird thing is this time round it doesnt feel like i,m forcing m self to diet if that makes sense its come very natural i,m still eating what i normally do and always treat my self to my choc evry day!!! i actually believe this time is for real, i mean i had that 4 week gap and i know i gained 5 but i manage to lose it and more and still going with it , where in the past i would have never been able to get back into it!!!!

right tim for bed for me night night everyone


Monday, 5 October 2009

exercise machine :~0

feel the burn!!!! and then some more!!!

i did approx 16000 steps yesterday which gav me 5.5bps and it was 6.7 miles wow!!!

today i went to the gym for an hour and burnt 1050kcal in 45 mins on the cross trainer then did some weights so roughly 9 bp earned!!!! i,m on fire!!!

really hoping for a good loss this week

oh i brought a stunning dress on ebay its a size 20 so a size smaller then what i am but thats my aim christmas i will be abl to fit into it!!! so exercise here we come i want to look nice for my work do and my boyfs work do and poss new year if we do anything!! i have about 2-3inch gap in the dress so hoping thats 20lbs as thats my weight goal coz that means i would have got my 50lbs certificate!!!!!!!!!!!

right i,m off to wake erin from her coma lol

ta ta for now!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

blog award!!! hank u becky and weigh in results

thank u soo much becky for this lovely award it was soo nice of you!!!!!!! ekkk never got anything like this before!!!
well weigh in i manage to lose 0.5lbs which i,m happy with as i had a big loss last week!!! here is to a good loss next week cant wait i will fit in to my new size 20 dress by christmas !!!!!!!!!
hope u all have had a brill week and hope u all have a good week end!