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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

lil bit meh

meh meh meh

only lost 0.5lbs not gonna reach one of my targets by xmas now well not at this rate any way!!
i know its still half a pound off but i burnt over 4k cals and the txt book says to burn a pound u have to burn 3500 cal grrrrr
i have upped my gym so maybe my body needs time to adjust plus i,m due on in a couple of days so maybe thats it would be nice to have a big loss next week after the low 3 weeks i,ve had!!!

oh well lets see what happens this week!



  1. I remember a while agop feeling rubbish after only losing 1/2 after a good week. The next week I lost 4 1/2. After I'd been doing WW for a while my body / weightloss seemed to run a week behind.

    A loss is still a loss. Better than half on xx

  2. yeah ur right hun!!! dont know why we get ourselves upset other things!!! lol