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weight loss ticker!!!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

i am on a roll...

well sun i did 16k steps mon i did 13k steps and todat i did 14k steps!!!!!!
plus did the gym mon and going tomo and thursday!! i had better los more then a bloody pound this week!!!!! worked my shrinking butt off!!!

nsv!!!!! people at work have finally noticed my wweight losss eekkk well last wek they did cant rememeber if i mentioned it or not 2 diff people mentioned it that i,ve lost loads and looking great, and another thing i keep geeting ispeople asking me how well i am and how come i havent failed it was ment nicer then it sounds they just couldnt believe how motivated i was as they always start and quit after a week or two!!
the weird thing is this time round it doesnt feel like i,m forcing m self to diet if that makes sense its come very natural i,m still eating what i normally do and always treat my self to my choc evry day!!! i actually believe this time is for real, i mean i had that 4 week gap and i know i gained 5 but i manage to lose it and more and still going with it , where in the past i would have never been able to get back into it!!!!

right tim for bed for me night night everyone



  1. Hey there! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I'm a PCOS survivor as well, so I'm definitely going to follow your journey.

    Congrats on the NSVs at work! I got one today too :D

  2. It's great when people notice and gives you such a boost. Well done x