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weight loss ticker!!!!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

hiya i,m still here guys

had soo many meals with work and friends its been hectic!!! sts last week now i dont weigh in till the 7th jan feels like a life time away!!!!

i,m starting to feel very blaoted and fat and very bunged!!! i tend to have quite a loss (no.2) now i cant even go hate this feeling i havent stepped on the scales too scared but i know i eed to start 27th on a proper detox to get back on track coz 24th i,m at workj and everyone is bringing nibbles in 25th well its just a binge day and 26th me and othe rhalf and his family are going out to a hungry horse!! soo 27th got no excuse!!! being very good!! and back to the gym woop woop!! and plenty of water!!!

hope ur all having a fab week and enjoying the snow!!!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

clubland pics!!!

what a poser am i!! hehehe look no double chin

funny face time :)

its just all about the boobs!!! i must have a stone on here!!!

kerry, me and claire :)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

busy busy week

i went to clubland at the weekend and it was fab!!!! drunk loads and ate loads gulp!!! never mind i,ve been good all this time and its not like i go out all the time so i wanted to let my hair down so when i weighed myself monday and it said a 2.5 lb gain doh!!! so drastic action was needed i manage to go to the gym twice and cut back around 1-2pts every day so thursday came and i did the major thing of getting weighed........0.5lbs lose!! yes lose!!! PHEW!!
couldnt believe it but then i got told that next week was the last week for xmas and they are not opening till 7th jan thats 3 weeks with no weigh ins and i dont know if your like me but if i know i dont need to weigh in i end up going stupid on the food!!!!!! agghhh so i,m going crazy with worry :( :(

oh nsvx3

went to dorothy perkins as dad gave me money to get clothes for xmas and i thought it would be funny to try on some skinny jeans so i have the image of getting as far as my calves and not getting any further so i got a size 20 as i,ve only just got into that size so some fit some are snug and i got it done up and its a bit loose round the waist (i knew the 18 wouldnt fit yet) but the funny thing was for being skinny legged jeans my legs were too skinny for them i had all this material i could grab do they think all size 20 people have huge legs??!! well we dont its like i needed a size 20 waist but size 16 legs put on them! was frustrating but funny!!!

oh and the 2nd one was also in dorothy perkins i decided i need a coat i,ve never had a coat since i,ve been bigger as i can never fit into one by the time it fits my bust and waist i have all this extra material on my arms and back it looks wrong so i tried a 18 and it fit!!!! soo excited!!!

and the last one i ran into a old mate and she commented on how much weight i lost!!!

yay so been very busy this week, i,m tempted to work my ass off this week to see if i can get my 4lbs this week for my 50lbs big task but be nice to see if i can do it!

hope your all ok


Thursday, 3 December 2009

wow weigh in result!!

i dont know how considering time of the month but i manage to lose 1.5lbs this week making a total of 45.5lbs woop woop so i,m now 201lbs only 1.5lbs till i,m in the one hundreds yay!!!!!

got clubland sunday woop woop!!!!! come round sooo quick sooooo hope i dont gain next week coz of it, i,m also going round james's work mates house for nibbles and playstation on saturday so bit if a busy week!!!!
plus my gym ends on monday :( soo need to find another gym i would stay there but the price goes up to £44 a week so will have to find some where and prompt!

right i,m off to sleep land!!

hope ur all having a good week!!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

it came !! it really came!!!

graphic so apologise now!!!

MY PERIOD!! on the day it was ment tooo this is it the weight loss has semi kicked my system into action :) :) soo happy also i tried booking my hycosy today but they didnt have any she went on to say do i have regular periods i said i dont but this one happened with out the help of provea which she was happy about then asked is this the 1st time i tried i said it was the 4th cycle i tried (so 4 months i,ve wasted trying to book one ultrasound), then!!! the most amazing thing happened! she said hold on ................. so i waited she came back as said considering your circumstances and the fact this is the 4th time they have made a spot available for me!!!!!! so 16th dec 11am i,m going for it!!! yay!!!!!
she knew i was soo greatful i couldnt stop thanking her and he was like oh bless you dear!!

woop woop!!!! the fertility journey is back on!!