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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

busy busy week

i went to clubland at the weekend and it was fab!!!! drunk loads and ate loads gulp!!! never mind i,ve been good all this time and its not like i go out all the time so i wanted to let my hair down so when i weighed myself monday and it said a 2.5 lb gain doh!!! so drastic action was needed i manage to go to the gym twice and cut back around 1-2pts every day so thursday came and i did the major thing of getting weighed........0.5lbs lose!! yes lose!!! PHEW!!
couldnt believe it but then i got told that next week was the last week for xmas and they are not opening till 7th jan thats 3 weeks with no weigh ins and i dont know if your like me but if i know i dont need to weigh in i end up going stupid on the food!!!!!! agghhh so i,m going crazy with worry :( :(

oh nsvx3

went to dorothy perkins as dad gave me money to get clothes for xmas and i thought it would be funny to try on some skinny jeans so i have the image of getting as far as my calves and not getting any further so i got a size 20 as i,ve only just got into that size so some fit some are snug and i got it done up and its a bit loose round the waist (i knew the 18 wouldnt fit yet) but the funny thing was for being skinny legged jeans my legs were too skinny for them i had all this material i could grab do they think all size 20 people have huge legs??!! well we dont its like i needed a size 20 waist but size 16 legs put on them! was frustrating but funny!!!

oh and the 2nd one was also in dorothy perkins i decided i need a coat i,ve never had a coat since i,ve been bigger as i can never fit into one by the time it fits my bust and waist i have all this extra material on my arms and back it looks wrong so i tried a 18 and it fit!!!! soo excited!!!

and the last one i ran into a old mate and she commented on how much weight i lost!!!

yay so been very busy this week, i,m tempted to work my ass off this week to see if i can get my 4lbs this week for my 50lbs big task but be nice to see if i can do it!

hope your all ok


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  1. Well done on your 1/2lb off Kerry. Those NSV's are fab! Funny having too skinny legs for skinny fit jeans..... I wish.... LOL
    Shame your class is shut, could you look into going to a different one even if you have to travel?
    I discovered at my last meeting that my class isn't shut at all over the Christmas period. My leader said that WW doesn't close, work as usual. Also if you're a monthly pass member and the class is closed, ring the help line and they should add those cancelled weeks on.
    Have a fab week!!!