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weight loss ticker!!!!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

hiya i,m still here guys

had soo many meals with work and friends its been hectic!!! sts last week now i dont weigh in till the 7th jan feels like a life time away!!!!

i,m starting to feel very blaoted and fat and very bunged!!! i tend to have quite a loss (no.2) now i cant even go hate this feeling i havent stepped on the scales too scared but i know i eed to start 27th on a proper detox to get back on track coz 24th i,m at workj and everyone is bringing nibbles in 25th well its just a binge day and 26th me and othe rhalf and his family are going out to a hungry horse!! soo 27th got no excuse!!! being very good!! and back to the gym woop woop!! and plenty of water!!!

hope ur all having a fab week and enjoying the snow!!!

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  1. It sounds as though you need to take a laxative to help shift things along. I know that feeling only too well. LOL.
    Have a fab Christmas and fantastic New Year Kerry. xx