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weight loss ticker!!!!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

it came !! it really came!!!

graphic so apologise now!!!

MY PERIOD!! on the day it was ment tooo this is it the weight loss has semi kicked my system into action :) :) soo happy also i tried booking my hycosy today but they didnt have any she went on to say do i have regular periods i said i dont but this one happened with out the help of provea which she was happy about then asked is this the 1st time i tried i said it was the 4th cycle i tried (so 4 months i,ve wasted trying to book one ultrasound), then!!! the most amazing thing happened! she said hold on ................. so i waited she came back as said considering your circumstances and the fact this is the 4th time they have made a spot available for me!!!!!! so 16th dec 11am i,m going for it!!! yay!!!!!
she knew i was soo greatful i couldnt stop thanking her and he was like oh bless you dear!!

woop woop!!!! the fertility journey is back on!!


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