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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 29 June 2009

try to earn and save as much as possible

i must have eaten like 30pts saturday at least and the scales say a pound gain!!! so today i went to the gym for 50 mins earned 5bps, i did some walking and earned 1.5pts and then did some weeding for 90 mins wchic i put under moderate and that was 6bps so today i earned 12.5bps and saving 4 so 16.5pts i,m saving today yay me!!!!

this heat is killing me i hate being obese in this weather, every where sweats its not nice feeling!!! oh well hopefully next year i wont have this problem :)

erin wont sleep she has been screaming for an hour so thats driving me insane why wont the fucking council give me anywhere!!!!! there are 3 of us in one room!!!!! (james stays over sometimes) and i have my brother and his girlfriend in the other room and my dad its a 3 bed bungalow!! my dad is a weirdo and he nevergives us any privacy! very unhygeinic its disgusting now wonder me and erin are always ill!! oh and in my room i have mould keep appearing on the walls grrrrrrrr

right i,m off to bang my head against something

Sunday, 28 June 2009

a bit late but here we go weigh in

i lost 3 lbs this week!!!! i,m sooo shocked!!! felt heavier now then i did last week so i am now 6st 6lbs only 8lbs away from 10% and only 6.5lbs away from getting to the next stone bracket and before that only 4.5lbs to my next silver 7 which i,m hoping to do in 2 weeks :)

well had a interesting weekend a bit more of my wisdom tooth fell out saturday the dentist wont do anything till i,m in pain!!! stupid i know!!

suffered from upset tummy all day so took like 2 imodines to stop it as i was going out with the girls drinking and eating!!! lol i must have had like a million points but it was worth it!!!, today had an upset stomach again so i must have some kind of stomach bug!!! :(

hoping to feel better tomo as i have the gym 10-11.30 i might still go... they have toilets there lol!!

well i,m be happy to sts this week i would love to have lost but lets be honest the amount of alcohol i drunk its ot gonna happen lol..

heres to a better week :)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

nerves are setting in now

been a really good girl earned about 20bp and saved 8 normal pts (make up from friday splurge) so far

well tommorw is d-day went to the gym today and starrted using the weights routine! the instructor said u burn more cals as your body isnt use to it so here goes! i,m gonna alternate monday is cardio and wednesday is weights! oh i never realised how big my arms are huge thing sooo need to tone them up.

well i,m gonna go to sleep in a mo!! got a hectic day at work to cope with will blog once i,ve been weighed...mwah!!!

Monday, 22 June 2009

really naff week

well i was good! i did walking and upped my water drank 2 litres a day! stuck to my points if not i save 1-2pts a day

and guess what i gained a poind sooo not impressed!!! maybe its the water maybe coz i,ve got my monthly in a couple of days if it shows considering the last one took 12 weeks and that was induced.

oh funny thing happened the other day my O/H was ment to have a test done a sperm count they said no sex for 2-5 days before u test mmmmm we did it last night and we realised today that his appointment is today woops!!! so we have rescheduled it soo funny!!!

well friday just gone i was so upset about gaining a pound i ate for britain1 just didnt care but the food made me nasty and horrible i didnt realise i thought it was kissing my wounds but really it was making them bigger it wasnt till o/h half turned round ad said u are a very nasty person today and i clicked! weird huh!!

i,ve been good since then and i went to the gym today manage to earn 9bp yay feel so good for doing it plus i,m going wednesday is well!!

dreaded weigh in is creaping up not looking forward to thursday!!

will blog again in a couple of days!

Monday, 15 June 2009

just a quick intro

well i think i,ve finally got this blog sorted its soo very confusing but here goes!

i think this is my 12th time joining weightwatchers i remeber my 1st time i was 18 and only 15st 1lb thinking tht was awful and manage to get down to 11st 2lbs but as always a fella came into my life i was happy and on went the pounds! this kept going forthe next 9 years i,d lose a stone and give up and then gorge myself stupid! i,m not happy with the way i am i hate the way i look so i dont know why i do what i do!!

i,ve done diets from ww to lighter life to pills i,ve done loads and i,ve realised ww was the one that worked with my life style and actually lost weight with....

me and my fiance are trying to get pregnant i have pcos which makes things very difficult!! i manage to get pregnant from a previos relationship which gave me my beautiful erin so i need to lose weight to help my body out! we are currently under the fertiity hospital havng all the tests done so fingers crossed something will happen soon... :)

so here i am starting it again when i stepped on the scales and it said 17st 8.5lbs i could have died! i knew i was big but not that big!!! so time to shift some pounds haha a lot of pounds more like i,ve already decided on a overal goal of 10st 2lbs which works out to be 100lbs how scary is that :( .... well i,m on week 6 now and feeling alright and its weird maybe my head is more clearer or something but i,m enjoying it , it doesnt feel like i,m on a diet plus keep having points left over :) here is a quick run down on my weight loss

week 1- 2.5lbs
week 2- 4.5lbs
week 3- 4lbs
week 4- 0.5lbs (totm)
week 5- 3lbs

well i,m off to drik my water as thats my aim this week to drink my 2ltrs