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weight loss ticker!!!!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

a bit late but here we go weigh in

i lost 3 lbs this week!!!! i,m sooo shocked!!! felt heavier now then i did last week so i am now 6st 6lbs only 8lbs away from 10% and only 6.5lbs away from getting to the next stone bracket and before that only 4.5lbs to my next silver 7 which i,m hoping to do in 2 weeks :)

well had a interesting weekend a bit more of my wisdom tooth fell out saturday the dentist wont do anything till i,m in pain!!! stupid i know!!

suffered from upset tummy all day so took like 2 imodines to stop it as i was going out with the girls drinking and eating!!! lol i must have had like a million points but it was worth it!!!, today had an upset stomach again so i must have some kind of stomach bug!!! :(

hoping to feel better tomo as i have the gym 10-11.30 i might still go... they have toilets there lol!!

well i,m be happy to sts this week i would love to have lost but lets be honest the amount of alcohol i drunk its ot gonna happen lol..

heres to a better week :)

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  1. Hi Kerry

    Thanks for your comment on my blog hunnie. You asked about my butterflies....well if you go to it gives you step by step instructions hunnie. They have loads to choose from. Give it a try. Well done on losing the 3lbs ...thats fantastic !! And good luck with the weigh in this week xx