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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 22 June 2009

really naff week

well i was good! i did walking and upped my water drank 2 litres a day! stuck to my points if not i save 1-2pts a day

and guess what i gained a poind sooo not impressed!!! maybe its the water maybe coz i,ve got my monthly in a couple of days if it shows considering the last one took 12 weeks and that was induced.

oh funny thing happened the other day my O/H was ment to have a test done a sperm count they said no sex for 2-5 days before u test mmmmm we did it last night and we realised today that his appointment is today woops!!! so we have rescheduled it soo funny!!!

well friday just gone i was so upset about gaining a pound i ate for britain1 just didnt care but the food made me nasty and horrible i didnt realise i thought it was kissing my wounds but really it was making them bigger it wasnt till o/h half turned round ad said u are a very nasty person today and i clicked! weird huh!!

i,ve been good since then and i went to the gym today manage to earn 9bp yay feel so good for doing it plus i,m going wednesday is well!!

dreaded weigh in is creaping up not looking forward to thursday!!

will blog again in a couple of days!

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