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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 15 June 2009

just a quick intro

well i think i,ve finally got this blog sorted its soo very confusing but here goes!

i think this is my 12th time joining weightwatchers i remeber my 1st time i was 18 and only 15st 1lb thinking tht was awful and manage to get down to 11st 2lbs but as always a fella came into my life i was happy and on went the pounds! this kept going forthe next 9 years i,d lose a stone and give up and then gorge myself stupid! i,m not happy with the way i am i hate the way i look so i dont know why i do what i do!!

i,ve done diets from ww to lighter life to pills i,ve done loads and i,ve realised ww was the one that worked with my life style and actually lost weight with....

me and my fiance are trying to get pregnant i have pcos which makes things very difficult!! i manage to get pregnant from a previos relationship which gave me my beautiful erin so i need to lose weight to help my body out! we are currently under the fertiity hospital havng all the tests done so fingers crossed something will happen soon... :)

so here i am starting it again when i stepped on the scales and it said 17st 8.5lbs i could have died! i knew i was big but not that big!!! so time to shift some pounds haha a lot of pounds more like i,ve already decided on a overal goal of 10st 2lbs which works out to be 100lbs how scary is that :( .... well i,m on week 6 now and feeling alright and its weird maybe my head is more clearer or something but i,m enjoying it , it doesnt feel like i,m on a diet plus keep having points left over :) here is a quick run down on my weight loss

week 1- 2.5lbs
week 2- 4.5lbs
week 3- 4lbs
week 4- 0.5lbs (totm)
week 5- 3lbs

well i,m off to drik my water as thats my aim this week to drink my 2ltrs


  1. Hi Kerry

    Well done so far hunny...your doing really well. Keep up the good work.

    I know what you mean. Half my life I have been on some sort of wish I was a natural skinny

    Good luck with trying for a baby. Really hope it happens for you soon xx

  2. Hi Kerry..hope your ok hun.

    You started following my blog the other day. Just thought i better tell you I have had to change the kept on linking to my old the new title is...

    Hope it links up to my new one now lol xx

  3. I have PCOS as well Kerry, i'm only 21 so the lack of fertility hasn't really bothered me so far but as i've lost weight my monthlies have actually become regular and i'm so glad because children will factor for me one day.
    These blogs really help people (me included) so keep updating us with how you're doing- you're doing fab so far!
    Alice xx