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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 29 June 2009

try to earn and save as much as possible

i must have eaten like 30pts saturday at least and the scales say a pound gain!!! so today i went to the gym for 50 mins earned 5bps, i did some walking and earned 1.5pts and then did some weeding for 90 mins wchic i put under moderate and that was 6bps so today i earned 12.5bps and saving 4 so 16.5pts i,m saving today yay me!!!!

this heat is killing me i hate being obese in this weather, every where sweats its not nice feeling!!! oh well hopefully next year i wont have this problem :)

erin wont sleep she has been screaming for an hour so thats driving me insane why wont the fucking council give me anywhere!!!!! there are 3 of us in one room!!!!! (james stays over sometimes) and i have my brother and his girlfriend in the other room and my dad its a 3 bed bungalow!! my dad is a weirdo and he nevergives us any privacy! very unhygeinic its disgusting now wonder me and erin are always ill!! oh and in my room i have mould keep appearing on the walls grrrrrrrr

right i,m off to bang my head against something


  1. tings will look up soon. keep hassling them

  2. Way to go weight loss! Keep up the hard work. Cheers, Erin