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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

weigh in after my million point weekend

well i think i needed to save about 40pts or ear the due to my amazing weekend!!! and i worked really hard at the gym and saving 3-4pts a day!! as the biggest loser said i had my last chance workout session today before weigh in and it must ave done something as i manage to lose 1lbs

woop woop was soo shocked so i weigh 16st 5lbs now 17.5lbs!! see i think i,m still in denial!! when i see that i dont see it as a lot but when i was putting it in my online graph it said lost 1st 3.5lbs and i was just there staring thinking oh my god that is a lot!! i think coz in my head i still got to lose a lot more so i really need to stop being soo negative and be excited over how much i lost!!!
my aim is 3lbs this week coming and 2.5lbs the following week then i,ll be 15st something eeekkkkk!!!!!!

right need to make my sarnies for work tommo!


  1. i'm sure you'll do brilliantly

  2. Well done Kerry and good luck with the 3lbs off for next week...I will keep my fingers crossed for you xx