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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

week 9 weigh in results!!!!!!!

well considering it was my totm!! feeling bloated cranky etc.... i managed to lose 2.5lbs yay!!!!!! thats 20lbs in 9 weeks thats just crazy!!! i actually feel like i,m gonna do it this time as before everytime i started a diet i would get to 13/14lbs and stops i,m on 20 yes 20lbs :) :)

my work trousers actually fell down today lucky noone saw!!!!! the 24's are too big well in those type of trousers any way the 22's are getting there!!!! i,m into my 22 jeans now yay!!

hoping for 3lbs this week then i can scream i,m 15st something!!!!!!!