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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

feeling a bit pants today...

.... i need a big long holiday away from everything i dont know whether coz i,ve got my monthly but i,m soo sort daughter who i swear is the anti christ doesnt sleep through the night and she is up already for the first time and people say let her cry it out but its hard when ur i the same room and 2 feet away you just wanna slam ur head into the wall!!!! so she gets 2-3 drinks a night to calm her down, she is a naughty girl she doesnt do as she says, she doesnt reall eat properlly she breaks it all up and throws it to the ground so i feed her!!!! i shuldnt be feeding her at this age should i????? also i,m tempted to take her to the health visitor as i,m convinced he has some problem acd or smething all ways hyper and naughty and the paddys my god!!!!! i see other kids her age so good and kind and loving not erin she rather charge at ya head but ya then slap ya while laughing as she thinks its funny u tell her no!!! and she still laughs got to the point were i smack her now as nothing works and i really dont care where people say you shouldnt smack your kids !!! hmmm u say that after spending the week with erin nothing works!!! her dad well he sees her when its ok with him he has holidays here and there the cheek he said if i cant find a last min deal i,ll have erin for the week!!!!!! that should have been the first thing he wanted!!! but he found a holiday and then bitch and said he missed erin lots !!!!!!!


sorry for the moan guys


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