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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 6 July 2009

newish pic of me so far!!!

this is what i wore out the night i drank a million points!
so i,m 16st 6 ! god i look awful i have picture time!! but it can only get better right??!!!!
see it wouldnt bee so bad if my wasit went in its the worse part of my body :( plus my huge assets!!!


  1. be proud of your assets :)
    we are lucky ladies in that department!
    x x

  2. I think you look nice, i just LOVE the top where did you get it, and like you i to have ahem assets lol my main problem is the to part if my belly...the rest is getting smaller but that top part is getting biggeri think..any who must rush i have my weigh in in 10 mins.