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weight loss ticker!!!!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

what a gorgeous day

how hot is today!!!!! hope sunday iis the same :) well today has been busy i,ve done plenty of washing up and clothes washing been on the wii fit for 30 mins today yay!!!! i,ve also been pcking some bits away to put in the attic ready for when i ever get a place!!!

i didnt weigh in this week did my hip in felt yukky!!!

so been extra good ths week so hopefully will have lost this week yesterday i was such an angel i still dont know how many poinnts i had here it is
fruit (berrys)1pt
celery 0pts

salad 0pts
pasta 0.5pts
ham 0.5pts
mayo 0.5pts

for dinner i was eating out with mates so e went to chiquitos and i have no idea the pts as what they said in the points didnt taste it

it was a ceaser salad with chicken apparantly 10.5pts ??!!!
it had no parmasen cheese it came with anchovies which i didnt eat the chicken looked grilled it had the sauce but not 7pts worth i would have said 3.5pts for chicken 0 for salad and 3-4 for the ceaser dressing but i still clamed 10.5pts

then went to cinema where is had 7pts of sweet popcorn :)

oh only had 20 pts woops

oh well!!!

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  1. Hi hunnie

    hope your hip is feeling better now. Good luck with this weeks weigh in . I lost my follower piccys too this week, but they are back now hun. Hope you have a good week x