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weight loss ticker!!!!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

loving my new background

yay i love it when they add new things for you to play around with!!!

was a good girl today and did my biggest loser dvd :)

im getting slightly worried... i,ve always been around the 16-18st mark and every time i start losing weigh i get to about 16st 2-3lbs and stop, so i,m very nervous about stepping into the 15's i have been a lot lighter then this but its been while and i,m scared i,m gonna deliberatly sabatoge myself!!! sond silly but this is my safety fat! and with out it i,ll feel naked and vunerable!!!

well we,ll see what happens this week!!!!

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  1. It doesn't sound silly. I felt exactly the same when I got to the 2½ stone loss point - I'd never ever lost more and was scared I would self-sabotage like I had before. Go for it - you will feel fantastic to have crossed that new stone mark, and that and your self-awareness will stop you from doing anything to sabotage your great achievement. You can do it!