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weight loss ticker!!!!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

wow so proud of my achievment.....

................on the wii fit!!!!!!!!

i did 46 mins in total yay but the biggest thing i was i managed to do 10 mins solid on the hulahoop 5 mins each way!!!! 10 whole mins i couldnt believe it i got 3.5bps just for that its so intense within 1 min i was sweating and out of breathe!!!!!!!!!

so i got 6.5bps for 46 mins worth of exercise which s good as i,m going for a curry tonight with my mu and boyf i,m having plain chick tikka no suace 8pts and plian rice 8pts so 16pts in total which leaves me 2pts left so if anything goes wrong i have 8.5pts as a back up lol

oh oh i was in new look andi decided to bite the bullet and try something on that i know i woudnt normally wear the long shirts!!! i tried them on and they look good especially with leggings, they look even better when i lose more weight but i,m wearing them now!!! woop woop!!!!
off for shower now!

oh just brought the biggest loser dvd on play so cant wait for that to arrive :)


  1. Oh i so want a step son has one and he brings it at week ends when he stays but he hasnt got the Wii fit which i SO want...but even on ebay they cost a fortune.

    Ive tried to find a torrent (Copy) of the Biggest looser on line but had no luck, im not buying it at the price ive seen it for, but you will have to let me know if its any good.

  2. i will do hun its 10.99 online which is the cheapest i,ve seen so far!! :)

  3. luv reading your blog, your doing so well

  4. aww thank you hun thats means a lot to me!!! i love reading everyones blogs it gives me that extra kick i need :)