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weight loss ticker!!!!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

nsv x2!!!!!!!!!

well my partner brought me this gorgeous silver silk bra from m&s for my bday months ago and i tried it on then and i had to squuze it to clasp as the fabric wasnt stretchy so what u see is what u got! so i squeezed into it and i had to take it off as it was hurting my ribs and the fat bulging ever where was awful i couldnt remeber how big i was well i tried it on today and i completely forgot what i was doing and it took me 10secs to catch up with my self i got it done up!!! no struggling no breathing it no fat bulging yay!!!!!!!!

the other is my denim skirt has been a lil loose nothing to worry about and today put it on went round town and i kept puling my skirt up as it kept falling down at one point i nearly lost it!!! would have given the public a shock lol!!!

so double yeah!!!!

used my pedo metre today walked 10780 steps which gave me 3 bps yay i,m on a roll!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow Kerry well done hunnie. Fantastic NSV !! Im glad your skirt didn't fall off may have been slightly embarrassing !!!!!!
    Keep up the good work. Your doing great !!!xxx

  2. First...thanks for visiting my blog....and second wooo hoooo on the sext bra lol..its a great feeling when we fit in to things we could a while ago, i have this draw where i have all my "i will fit in to them one day" clothes and ive been trying them on latly and found a few fit me now....keep up the good work, ive also added you to my Blog roel, hopw thats ok, if not just say the word and il remove it. ♥