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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

weigh in result

i did my last chance workout today desperate not to stay the same!!!

oh oh also cant rememeber if have written this or not but the biggest loser dvd oh my god its fantatsic i was pouring with sweat after the first 5 mins!!! that was yesterday and i completed the 65 mins how i dont know! today.......i ache every where even places i didnt even realise i had muscles lol

oh and the results..........
.............................. i lost 2lbs

so happy with that and was shocked is well now i,m only a pound away from being in the 15st bracket i cant wait!! also 6lbs till 2st loss!!! scary stuff!!!!!

i,m loving this new way of living! my friend is doing the cambridge diet and this week she lost a 1lb last week she lost 3lb not being funny she is drinking shakes and lost 4lbs in 2 weeks i have had choc, takeaway.... well food!!! and lost 4.5lbs i kno what iim chooseing also my other friend is doing slimming world and since oct she has lost 13.5lbs which is good but i feel guilty coz she has been saying that she gained here lost half there and im like 3lb off here 2 lb off here!! ive told her to come with me to ww as its fab but she aint interested,..... never mind!!!

heres to my 1lb next week!!!!!! come on 5's

oh oh i got my 3rd silver seven also today :)


  1. Fantastic Kerry !!! Well done you !! Good luck next week. Hope you get that 1 pound off to get into the 15's !! Keep up the good work xx

  2. Thats really good, love reading your blog.