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weight loss ticker!!!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

bit of a blah week

feeling a bit odd and bloated and big this week my mate thinks its coz i,m ovulating and something you feel like this!!
i had a sp on the scales and it said a 1.5lbs gain and i dont know why been good think its coz of the exercise i did it thursday at the gym then saturday i did the biggest loser dvd oh mmy god that killed again!!! and my whole leg muscles hurt for 5 daysi think i torn them as it hurt to bend them!!! i went swimming with james and erin sunday, then the gym again today i do a mix at the gym cardio and weights!!! maybe i,m gaining muscle!!!!! who knows
i decided to be a bit vain and take a pic and i can see the diff no triple chins my face looks less bloated! yay i,m gonna keep looking atthese pics as this will help me to carry on!!!!!!!
heres to weigh in tommo!!!!
oh forgot the exciting thing i can now jog for 5 mins at a go instead of nearly dieing after 1.5 mins did this on and off on the tread mill 2 min walk 5 min jog for 20 mins and now my hip hurts really badly doh doh think i pushed myself to quickly it was weird i wasnt out of breathe either just sweaty :)
love to all

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