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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

oh my god no work no play makes me a happy woman

today was weigh in and i wasnt really expecting anything due to being ill and no exercise and i nearly fell off the scales when it read 14st 6.5lbs a 2.5lbs loss!!!! yay i got my 6th silver 7 soo happy 44lbs gone and never to come back a lovley 3st 2 lbs gone :) :)

happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy!!!!!

only 6lbs to go for my target for xmas so 4 weigh ins and that 1.5lbs a week its soo close i can taste it!!! come to mumma ;~)

oh also only 3lbs till i,m in the onederlands!!! woop woop bring on 199.5lbs ;)
hope u all have a good weigh in


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

i,m ill

i,m ill i,m on day 2 of the flu sniff sniff all my sinuses are blocked which is hurting my face.
i havent been able to do any exercise this week coz of it and unfortunatly with my condition exercise is a major part of my weight loss so god knows what the scales are gonna say this week
keep your fingers crossed for me gang :)
good luck to anyone else who is weighing in tomo

Monday, 23 November 2009

grey old mondays

hi guys hope ur all ok!!!! feeling very heavy at the mo dont know if the scales are gonna be nice to me this week!! think its the week of my ovulation as thats when i either gain for no reason or stay the same!
well been the gym today like a good girl, but i,m going to frankie and bennys later with the girls i,ve only had 4pts so far i was gonna have 12pts for the bbq chicken pizza there and no starter or dessert!! well thats the plan i have earned 5bps also and if i eat them i would have 10.5pts left to eat!
feel like poo again my glands keep coming up :(
still trying to et my hycosy examination booked this will be the 4th attempt its got to be done 10 days after your period but its soo busy you cant always get an appointment so u have to wait to the following month see that wouldnt be too bad but i have to get provear to get induced as my periods are soo irregular! sucks to be me, but it got me thinking i dont think i,ll be lucky enough to have another lil one especially as there are probs with both me and james :( suppose got to wait for what the future holds
hope ur all ok

Thursday, 19 November 2009

weigh in results

hi all i love this picture its amazing!!!
well i manage to lose 1.5lbs i,m really happy but a lil disappointed as i wanted 2lbs for my 3st oh well aim for a half a pound next week :)
still a happy bunny, i,m sooo use to being the bigger person out of all my friends and normally by 3 st bigger and my mate claire joined today and she is 14st 4 and i,m 14st 9 only 5lbs difference i,m sooooooo excited sound soo silly but i dont care :) :)
wanted to do a big shout out to my mate alice who was in the liverpool echo for losing all her weight you go girl you deserve your fame!!!!!!!
got a meal this monday so need to make sure i do plenty of exercise for that as its at frankie and bennys yummy!!
love to you all

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

before and after sept/oct to nov

grey top is before around 15 and a half stone and the purple top is 14st 10!!!!
getting there girls

hows everyones week

hope your all ok!!!, i havent been able to exercise much this week so i,m really worried as i usually go 3-4 times a week :( but i did have a sneaky peak and it looks like 1.5lbs loss wow i hope thats true but guess we,ll see tomo!!!

still feel crap though and run down would be nice to have a stress free week!!!....

i do have clubland to look forward to though :)

right taken some pics so need to up load them


Thursday, 12 November 2009

woop woop

well its weigh day today!! and boy was the weather was awful!!! your all gonna laugh i was soo scared to get wet incase it put weight on me how silly is that lol

well i manage to lose 1.5lbs this week making a grand total of the big 40lbs i,m soo happy i was only expecting half a pound if that as i,ve had such good weight losses recently so my next goal is to lose 2lbs this week and that will make my 3stone ekkkkkkk!!!!! 3 flipping stone!!! i,m getting there girls.
right i have 6 weeks left to lose 10lbs in those 6 weeks!!!! can i do it!!!!??? i,m gonna bloody try :)

well wednesday was the funeral!!! mmmm let just say i was a mess :( my mum was like life is really shit and it always comes in threes!!!! why mum why say that you have jinxed things coz you have my aunty and you have my brothers best mate and now today james found out his gran has got breast cancer she is in her 70's! she seems strong minded like this wont beat her so fingers crossed it wont!!!!

cant beilieve how quickly these weeks are going its almost the weekend yay!! gonna chill out i think this week

hope ur all have a good week end!!!


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

got told some horrible new yesterday

my brother got told one of his best mates died!!!! he is devastated!! i,m soo upset for him he was only 23/24yrs old, sunday he callasped in the toilet and hit his head so got rushed to hospital, they did the relivant tests got the all clear he was fine sent him home that day and his mum went to wake him up for work monday morning and he was dead!!! i get upset every time i think about that can you imagine waking up and seeing your child dead!!! all i kept of thinking how awful for his family and then i kept thinking about my lil girl and how horrid it would be to go get her and... well you know!!! it just makes you realise how fragile we all are and how we should all be greatful for everything including the lil things that we normally ignore. i,ve started taking more pics thats my new thing i want to remeber most things and have no regrets!!!
oh what makes matters worse tommorw i have my aunties funeral :( i was watching gmtv today and they mentioned that the influenza thats going through the hospitals are up by 80% and killing healthy people for no reason!!!! and thats what happened to her she was in hospital for some other reason and got that while in there and died because of the influenza not the other problem!!! when will the nhs up there hygiene too many good people are dying for no reason!!!

sorry for the rant guys just a bit of a low day... on a slight high i had a sneaky peak and it said 14st 11.5 and my scales are always a pound heavier so i could be looking at a pound loss this week fingers crossed!!!

hope ur all well guys

Thursday, 5 November 2009

weigh in woop woop i,m in the 14's

i,m sooo excited!!!!

i manage to lose 3lbs this week i cant believe and i,m now 14st 12 i,m in the 14's i havent been this weight since i had my lil girl 2yrs ago!!!!!

i,ve now only got 3.5lbs till i,ve lost 3stone (oh my god) and 11.5lbs till i,ve lost 50lbs 50 bloody pounds how crazy is that, so thats 7 weeks till xmas and 11.5lbs to lose in that time so it still looks very do-able :) :)

i,m off to eat some yummy stuff now!!!!

Monday, 2 November 2009

you know what i said about my previous message

i came on today and i,m more relaxed!!! weird huh no tears today!!!!!

and i even painted the bathroom a lovely magnolia!!!!!

hope ur all ok oh had a sneaky peak i know i,m addicted to the scales but they said 15st 1!!!!
which shows a half a pound loss

fingers crossed for thursday!!!


Sunday, 1 November 2009

having a few bad hormone days

think my pcos is playing up!!!

last 3 days havent stopped crying its like i,m on my period!!!!! happy sad happy sad oh and paranoid over stupid bloody things think my other half is cheating or going to cheat!! even though he is with me 24/7 and i mean 24/7 thats how messed up my head is and i know he aint and he loves me etc.....
i did take the tablets to induce a period and i,m still waiting for that to appear so i,m sure its just the build up to it!!! its just doing my head in

on a good side i,ve stuck to the diet completely and religiously !! oh my gym closed friday and no one told me not even the gym manager the woman who worked in the creche told me as she knew no one else would!!! how dare they with no notice grrr so now i have to look for a new gym :( booooo!!!!

where i had a bit of a binge last week the scales said a scary 15st 4 which is a 3lbs gain thank god i didnt go last week but todat it said 15st 2.5 yay, mmmm i did feel stupidly hungry last week maybe it is coz i,m about to come on!!!!

oh well its half 10 and i,m gonna have my dime bar and have a nice long soak!!!

hope ur all ok