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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

weigh in results

hi all i love this picture its amazing!!!
well i manage to lose 1.5lbs i,m really happy but a lil disappointed as i wanted 2lbs for my 3st oh well aim for a half a pound next week :)
still a happy bunny, i,m sooo use to being the bigger person out of all my friends and normally by 3 st bigger and my mate claire joined today and she is 14st 4 and i,m 14st 9 only 5lbs difference i,m sooooooo excited sound soo silly but i dont care :) :)
wanted to do a big shout out to my mate alice who was in the liverpool echo for losing all her weight you go girl you deserve your fame!!!!!!!
got a meal this monday so need to make sure i do plenty of exercise for that as its at frankie and bennys yummy!!
love to you all

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