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weight loss ticker!!!!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

having a few bad hormone days

think my pcos is playing up!!!

last 3 days havent stopped crying its like i,m on my period!!!!! happy sad happy sad oh and paranoid over stupid bloody things think my other half is cheating or going to cheat!! even though he is with me 24/7 and i mean 24/7 thats how messed up my head is and i know he aint and he loves me etc.....
i did take the tablets to induce a period and i,m still waiting for that to appear so i,m sure its just the build up to it!!! its just doing my head in

on a good side i,ve stuck to the diet completely and religiously !! oh my gym closed friday and no one told me not even the gym manager the woman who worked in the creche told me as she knew no one else would!!! how dare they with no notice grrr so now i have to look for a new gym :( booooo!!!!

where i had a bit of a binge last week the scales said a scary 15st 4 which is a 3lbs gain thank god i didnt go last week but todat it said 15st 2.5 yay, mmmm i did feel stupidly hungry last week maybe it is coz i,m about to come on!!!!

oh well its half 10 and i,m gonna have my dime bar and have a nice long soak!!!

hope ur all ok


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