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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

weigh in woop woop i,m in the 14's

i,m sooo excited!!!!

i manage to lose 3lbs this week i cant believe and i,m now 14st 12 i,m in the 14's i havent been this weight since i had my lil girl 2yrs ago!!!!!

i,ve now only got 3.5lbs till i,ve lost 3stone (oh my god) and 11.5lbs till i,ve lost 50lbs 50 bloody pounds how crazy is that, so thats 7 weeks till xmas and 11.5lbs to lose in that time so it still looks very do-able :) :)

i,m off to eat some yummy stuff now!!!!


  1. Oh wow, that's just fantastic Kerry.Both your next 2 mini targets seem quite dooable by Christmas. I'm sure you'll reach them.
    I'm just 5 lbs away from the 14's myself and I can't wait to get there. It's not that far to go now :o) xxx

  2. Well done :D
    What I wouldn't give to be in the 14's!

  3. Well Done! What a great loss.
    It's so exciting when u go down a stone bracket!

    You can deffo hit those targets before christmas! 2lbs a week!


  4. well done thats fantastic! and 50lbs for xmas, that must be the best xmas prezzie you could get, good, luck, not that you will need it :O)
    x x x

  5. aww thank you guys thats soo sweet of you heres to a slimmer xmas this year