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weight loss ticker!!!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

got told some horrible new yesterday

my brother got told one of his best mates died!!!! he is devastated!! i,m soo upset for him he was only 23/24yrs old, sunday he callasped in the toilet and hit his head so got rushed to hospital, they did the relivant tests got the all clear he was fine sent him home that day and his mum went to wake him up for work monday morning and he was dead!!! i get upset every time i think about that can you imagine waking up and seeing your child dead!!! all i kept of thinking how awful for his family and then i kept thinking about my lil girl and how horrid it would be to go get her and... well you know!!! it just makes you realise how fragile we all are and how we should all be greatful for everything including the lil things that we normally ignore. i,ve started taking more pics thats my new thing i want to remeber most things and have no regrets!!!
oh what makes matters worse tommorw i have my aunties funeral :( i was watching gmtv today and they mentioned that the influenza thats going through the hospitals are up by 80% and killing healthy people for no reason!!!! and thats what happened to her she was in hospital for some other reason and got that while in there and died because of the influenza not the other problem!!! when will the nhs up there hygiene too many good people are dying for no reason!!!

sorry for the rant guys just a bit of a low day... on a slight high i had a sneaky peak and it said 14st 11.5 and my scales are always a pound heavier so i could be looking at a pound loss this week fingers crossed!!!

hope ur all well guys


  1. so sorry to hear that sad news Kerry about your brothers friend and your aunty. (((hugs))) x x x

  2. Sorry to hear your sad news x

  3. Congrats on you weight loss and sorry for you loss. xx