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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 23 November 2009

grey old mondays

hi guys hope ur all ok!!!! feeling very heavy at the mo dont know if the scales are gonna be nice to me this week!! think its the week of my ovulation as thats when i either gain for no reason or stay the same!
well been the gym today like a good girl, but i,m going to frankie and bennys later with the girls i,ve only had 4pts so far i was gonna have 12pts for the bbq chicken pizza there and no starter or dessert!! well thats the plan i have earned 5bps also and if i eat them i would have 10.5pts left to eat!
feel like poo again my glands keep coming up :(
still trying to et my hycosy examination booked this will be the 4th attempt its got to be done 10 days after your period but its soo busy you cant always get an appointment so u have to wait to the following month see that wouldnt be too bad but i have to get provear to get induced as my periods are soo irregular! sucks to be me, but it got me thinking i dont think i,ll be lucky enough to have another lil one especially as there are probs with both me and james :( suppose got to wait for what the future holds
hope ur all ok

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