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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

woop woop

well its weigh day today!! and boy was the weather was awful!!! your all gonna laugh i was soo scared to get wet incase it put weight on me how silly is that lol

well i manage to lose 1.5lbs this week making a grand total of the big 40lbs i,m soo happy i was only expecting half a pound if that as i,ve had such good weight losses recently so my next goal is to lose 2lbs this week and that will make my 3stone ekkkkkkk!!!!! 3 flipping stone!!! i,m getting there girls.
right i have 6 weeks left to lose 10lbs in those 6 weeks!!!! can i do it!!!!??? i,m gonna bloody try :)

well wednesday was the funeral!!! mmmm let just say i was a mess :( my mum was like life is really shit and it always comes in threes!!!! why mum why say that you have jinxed things coz you have my aunty and you have my brothers best mate and now today james found out his gran has got breast cancer she is in her 70's! she seems strong minded like this wont beat her so fingers crossed it wont!!!!

cant beilieve how quickly these weeks are going its almost the weekend yay!! gonna chill out i think this week

hope ur all have a good week end!!!


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