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weight loss ticker!!!!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

hiya i,m still here guys

had soo many meals with work and friends its been hectic!!! sts last week now i dont weigh in till the 7th jan feels like a life time away!!!!

i,m starting to feel very blaoted and fat and very bunged!!! i tend to have quite a loss (no.2) now i cant even go hate this feeling i havent stepped on the scales too scared but i know i eed to start 27th on a proper detox to get back on track coz 24th i,m at workj and everyone is bringing nibbles in 25th well its just a binge day and 26th me and othe rhalf and his family are going out to a hungry horse!! soo 27th got no excuse!!! being very good!! and back to the gym woop woop!! and plenty of water!!!

hope ur all having a fab week and enjoying the snow!!!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

clubland pics!!!

what a poser am i!! hehehe look no double chin

funny face time :)

its just all about the boobs!!! i must have a stone on here!!!

kerry, me and claire :)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

busy busy week

i went to clubland at the weekend and it was fab!!!! drunk loads and ate loads gulp!!! never mind i,ve been good all this time and its not like i go out all the time so i wanted to let my hair down so when i weighed myself monday and it said a 2.5 lb gain doh!!! so drastic action was needed i manage to go to the gym twice and cut back around 1-2pts every day so thursday came and i did the major thing of getting weighed........0.5lbs lose!! yes lose!!! PHEW!!
couldnt believe it but then i got told that next week was the last week for xmas and they are not opening till 7th jan thats 3 weeks with no weigh ins and i dont know if your like me but if i know i dont need to weigh in i end up going stupid on the food!!!!!! agghhh so i,m going crazy with worry :( :(

oh nsvx3

went to dorothy perkins as dad gave me money to get clothes for xmas and i thought it would be funny to try on some skinny jeans so i have the image of getting as far as my calves and not getting any further so i got a size 20 as i,ve only just got into that size so some fit some are snug and i got it done up and its a bit loose round the waist (i knew the 18 wouldnt fit yet) but the funny thing was for being skinny legged jeans my legs were too skinny for them i had all this material i could grab do they think all size 20 people have huge legs??!! well we dont its like i needed a size 20 waist but size 16 legs put on them! was frustrating but funny!!!

oh and the 2nd one was also in dorothy perkins i decided i need a coat i,ve never had a coat since i,ve been bigger as i can never fit into one by the time it fits my bust and waist i have all this extra material on my arms and back it looks wrong so i tried a 18 and it fit!!!! soo excited!!!

and the last one i ran into a old mate and she commented on how much weight i lost!!!

yay so been very busy this week, i,m tempted to work my ass off this week to see if i can get my 4lbs this week for my 50lbs big task but be nice to see if i can do it!

hope your all ok


Thursday, 3 December 2009

wow weigh in result!!

i dont know how considering time of the month but i manage to lose 1.5lbs this week making a total of 45.5lbs woop woop so i,m now 201lbs only 1.5lbs till i,m in the one hundreds yay!!!!!

got clubland sunday woop woop!!!!! come round sooo quick sooooo hope i dont gain next week coz of it, i,m also going round james's work mates house for nibbles and playstation on saturday so bit if a busy week!!!!
plus my gym ends on monday :( soo need to find another gym i would stay there but the price goes up to £44 a week so will have to find some where and prompt!

right i,m off to sleep land!!

hope ur all having a good week!!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

it came !! it really came!!!

graphic so apologise now!!!

MY PERIOD!! on the day it was ment tooo this is it the weight loss has semi kicked my system into action :) :) soo happy also i tried booking my hycosy today but they didnt have any she went on to say do i have regular periods i said i dont but this one happened with out the help of provea which she was happy about then asked is this the 1st time i tried i said it was the 4th cycle i tried (so 4 months i,ve wasted trying to book one ultrasound), then!!! the most amazing thing happened! she said hold on ................. so i waited she came back as said considering your circumstances and the fact this is the 4th time they have made a spot available for me!!!!!! so 16th dec 11am i,m going for it!!! yay!!!!!
she knew i was soo greatful i couldnt stop thanking her and he was like oh bless you dear!!

woop woop!!!! the fertility journey is back on!!


Thursday, 26 November 2009

oh my god no work no play makes me a happy woman

today was weigh in and i wasnt really expecting anything due to being ill and no exercise and i nearly fell off the scales when it read 14st 6.5lbs a 2.5lbs loss!!!! yay i got my 6th silver 7 soo happy 44lbs gone and never to come back a lovley 3st 2 lbs gone :) :)

happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy!!!!!

only 6lbs to go for my target for xmas so 4 weigh ins and that 1.5lbs a week its soo close i can taste it!!! come to mumma ;~)

oh also only 3lbs till i,m in the onederlands!!! woop woop bring on 199.5lbs ;)
hope u all have a good weigh in


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

i,m ill

i,m ill i,m on day 2 of the flu sniff sniff all my sinuses are blocked which is hurting my face.
i havent been able to do any exercise this week coz of it and unfortunatly with my condition exercise is a major part of my weight loss so god knows what the scales are gonna say this week
keep your fingers crossed for me gang :)
good luck to anyone else who is weighing in tomo

Monday, 23 November 2009

grey old mondays

hi guys hope ur all ok!!!! feeling very heavy at the mo dont know if the scales are gonna be nice to me this week!! think its the week of my ovulation as thats when i either gain for no reason or stay the same!
well been the gym today like a good girl, but i,m going to frankie and bennys later with the girls i,ve only had 4pts so far i was gonna have 12pts for the bbq chicken pizza there and no starter or dessert!! well thats the plan i have earned 5bps also and if i eat them i would have 10.5pts left to eat!
feel like poo again my glands keep coming up :(
still trying to et my hycosy examination booked this will be the 4th attempt its got to be done 10 days after your period but its soo busy you cant always get an appointment so u have to wait to the following month see that wouldnt be too bad but i have to get provear to get induced as my periods are soo irregular! sucks to be me, but it got me thinking i dont think i,ll be lucky enough to have another lil one especially as there are probs with both me and james :( suppose got to wait for what the future holds
hope ur all ok

Thursday, 19 November 2009

weigh in results

hi all i love this picture its amazing!!!
well i manage to lose 1.5lbs i,m really happy but a lil disappointed as i wanted 2lbs for my 3st oh well aim for a half a pound next week :)
still a happy bunny, i,m sooo use to being the bigger person out of all my friends and normally by 3 st bigger and my mate claire joined today and she is 14st 4 and i,m 14st 9 only 5lbs difference i,m sooooooo excited sound soo silly but i dont care :) :)
wanted to do a big shout out to my mate alice who was in the liverpool echo for losing all her weight you go girl you deserve your fame!!!!!!!
got a meal this monday so need to make sure i do plenty of exercise for that as its at frankie and bennys yummy!!
love to you all

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

before and after sept/oct to nov

grey top is before around 15 and a half stone and the purple top is 14st 10!!!!
getting there girls

hows everyones week

hope your all ok!!!, i havent been able to exercise much this week so i,m really worried as i usually go 3-4 times a week :( but i did have a sneaky peak and it looks like 1.5lbs loss wow i hope thats true but guess we,ll see tomo!!!

still feel crap though and run down would be nice to have a stress free week!!!....

i do have clubland to look forward to though :)

right taken some pics so need to up load them


Thursday, 12 November 2009

woop woop

well its weigh day today!! and boy was the weather was awful!!! your all gonna laugh i was soo scared to get wet incase it put weight on me how silly is that lol

well i manage to lose 1.5lbs this week making a grand total of the big 40lbs i,m soo happy i was only expecting half a pound if that as i,ve had such good weight losses recently so my next goal is to lose 2lbs this week and that will make my 3stone ekkkkkkk!!!!! 3 flipping stone!!! i,m getting there girls.
right i have 6 weeks left to lose 10lbs in those 6 weeks!!!! can i do it!!!!??? i,m gonna bloody try :)

well wednesday was the funeral!!! mmmm let just say i was a mess :( my mum was like life is really shit and it always comes in threes!!!! why mum why say that you have jinxed things coz you have my aunty and you have my brothers best mate and now today james found out his gran has got breast cancer she is in her 70's! she seems strong minded like this wont beat her so fingers crossed it wont!!!!

cant beilieve how quickly these weeks are going its almost the weekend yay!! gonna chill out i think this week

hope ur all have a good week end!!!


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

got told some horrible new yesterday

my brother got told one of his best mates died!!!! he is devastated!! i,m soo upset for him he was only 23/24yrs old, sunday he callasped in the toilet and hit his head so got rushed to hospital, they did the relivant tests got the all clear he was fine sent him home that day and his mum went to wake him up for work monday morning and he was dead!!! i get upset every time i think about that can you imagine waking up and seeing your child dead!!! all i kept of thinking how awful for his family and then i kept thinking about my lil girl and how horrid it would be to go get her and... well you know!!! it just makes you realise how fragile we all are and how we should all be greatful for everything including the lil things that we normally ignore. i,ve started taking more pics thats my new thing i want to remeber most things and have no regrets!!!
oh what makes matters worse tommorw i have my aunties funeral :( i was watching gmtv today and they mentioned that the influenza thats going through the hospitals are up by 80% and killing healthy people for no reason!!!! and thats what happened to her she was in hospital for some other reason and got that while in there and died because of the influenza not the other problem!!! when will the nhs up there hygiene too many good people are dying for no reason!!!

sorry for the rant guys just a bit of a low day... on a slight high i had a sneaky peak and it said 14st 11.5 and my scales are always a pound heavier so i could be looking at a pound loss this week fingers crossed!!!

hope ur all well guys

Thursday, 5 November 2009

weigh in woop woop i,m in the 14's

i,m sooo excited!!!!

i manage to lose 3lbs this week i cant believe and i,m now 14st 12 i,m in the 14's i havent been this weight since i had my lil girl 2yrs ago!!!!!

i,ve now only got 3.5lbs till i,ve lost 3stone (oh my god) and 11.5lbs till i,ve lost 50lbs 50 bloody pounds how crazy is that, so thats 7 weeks till xmas and 11.5lbs to lose in that time so it still looks very do-able :) :)

i,m off to eat some yummy stuff now!!!!

Monday, 2 November 2009

you know what i said about my previous message

i came on today and i,m more relaxed!!! weird huh no tears today!!!!!

and i even painted the bathroom a lovely magnolia!!!!!

hope ur all ok oh had a sneaky peak i know i,m addicted to the scales but they said 15st 1!!!!
which shows a half a pound loss

fingers crossed for thursday!!!


Sunday, 1 November 2009

having a few bad hormone days

think my pcos is playing up!!!

last 3 days havent stopped crying its like i,m on my period!!!!! happy sad happy sad oh and paranoid over stupid bloody things think my other half is cheating or going to cheat!! even though he is with me 24/7 and i mean 24/7 thats how messed up my head is and i know he aint and he loves me etc.....
i did take the tablets to induce a period and i,m still waiting for that to appear so i,m sure its just the build up to it!!! its just doing my head in

on a good side i,ve stuck to the diet completely and religiously !! oh my gym closed friday and no one told me not even the gym manager the woman who worked in the creche told me as she knew no one else would!!! how dare they with no notice grrr so now i have to look for a new gym :( booooo!!!!

where i had a bit of a binge last week the scales said a scary 15st 4 which is a 3lbs gain thank god i didnt go last week but todat it said 15st 2.5 yay, mmmm i did feel stupidly hungry last week maybe it is coz i,m about to come on!!!!

oh well its half 10 and i,m gonna have my dime bar and have a nice long soak!!!

hope ur all ok


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

god i feel sick what a week!!!

well i was soo happy after losing 4lbs last week so the week started well then it was my lil girls 2nd birthday on sunday and had loads of friends and family round and party food gulp!!!! so i indulged a bit but monday i was good and went to the gym then tuesday i found out that my lil girl got confirmed with swine flu and tonsilitus, she was with her dad for a couple oof days so i,m worried sick but now she is back home so i can look after her!!!!
so i binged tuesday and again today and i actually fel quite sick why have i done this too my self! i have been good since i started the diet it is true though crap actually makes u feel like crap!!
oh today i have just been told my auntie has died! have no idea why or what happened so they are investigating it my poor uncle is devastated 8yrs ago she had a stroke and never fully recovered and it affected her voice also plus she is a diabetic, my mum seems to think is was an infection that she picked up which i dont know from what!!! just feel quite numb it doesnt feel real like its some kind of sick joke some one is playing!! hate this feeling, this is the first death that i have experienced apart from pets, so i,m just.... dunno upset confused angry hate it!!!
and i got weigh in!!! meh plus i,m due on any day agghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

very quick note on weigh in

i manage to lose 4lbs this week couldnt believe it and getting my 5th silver 7 yay 2st 7.5lbs thats just scary amount of weight!!!!!!!

i,ll write more tommo as its getting late but i,m a very happy bunny eeekkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!1

Monday, 19 October 2009

this is what 50lbs less looks like

hiya i did that look 50lbs slimmer so this is what 170lbs looks like i quite like it :) yay but looks weird the same time!!! boyf likes the look of it which surprised me as he is a curvy kinda woman lover which worrys me as i want to be a 12 to 14 he is like nothing wrong with 18 or 16!!! i dont want to be a 18 or 16 i want to be happy with my size and thats a 12 to 14!
so instead of being worried my boys would leave me for a skinner person i,m worrie he,ll leave me for a bigger girl!!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

2.3st gone before and after pics

this is a very recent pic of me soo recent it was taken today lol this is with a weight loss off 2st 3 lbs hahah theres not much difference between the 2 at all
oh well never mind lets see what happens with another stone off
the one in purple 17st 8, in grey 15st 5

Thursday, 15 October 2009

lil bit meh

meh meh meh

only lost 0.5lbs not gonna reach one of my targets by xmas now well not at this rate any way!!
i know its still half a pound off but i burnt over 4k cals and the txt book says to burn a pound u have to burn 3500 cal grrrrr
i have upped my gym so maybe my body needs time to adjust plus i,m due on in a couple of days so maybe thats it would be nice to have a big loss next week after the low 3 weeks i,ve had!!!

oh well lets see what happens this week!


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

i got sky

god i love it make sme realise how sad i truely am!!
on record i have
ugly betty
dont tell the bride
how to look good naked
collens real woman
x factor
biggest loser austrailia
biggest loser usa
one tree hill

lol think thats every thing lol

oh well back to the gilmore girls hehehehehehehe

oh had a sneaky peak and it said a 1.5lbs off fingers crossed peeps as its weigh in day tommo

Monday, 12 October 2009

just ate the most yummy sandwich ever

it was huge .................. yummy

3 slices of ww bread
ww mayo
low low fat colslaw
wafer thin ham

and all for 3.5pts yummy!!!!!!!!!

still trying to be good especially if i wanna lose my 2lbs a week for the next 3 weeks to get to my special goal!!!!!

hope everyone is ok


Thursday, 8 October 2009

weigh in result

hi guys!!!

well i manage to lose 1.5lbs this week so i,m happy wished it was more as i did work my ass off all week but u never know what will happy next week!!! so thats 31lbs now or 2st 3lbs yay!!! still cant beileve i,m still doing the diet and that i havent quit yet!!

i,ve only got 6lbs till i get to my lowest in 3 years and i,m excited but petrified!!! i,ll be 14st 13.5lbs the 14's thats just crazy just wish it was here already lol well i want to do it in 3 weeks thats 2lbs a week!!! then i can make my next goal of 14st 0.5 and that will be my 50lbs!! now that is another scary amount i think the most i have ever lost in a diet and that is with ww and i never got given my 50lb certificate and i was gutted she couldnt get hold of one for ages and thats when i slowly went off the rails and started putting back on!!! :( but this time its different quite a few people are surprised i havent quit already (they said it in a nice way bless them) and its true i havent quite maybe this is my time! i dont want to be fat and 30 i have been sooo miserable through my teens and 20's i want some happiness!!! and i,m gonna get it!!

hope u all had a good week!!


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

i am on a roll...

well sun i did 16k steps mon i did 13k steps and todat i did 14k steps!!!!!!
plus did the gym mon and going tomo and thursday!! i had better los more then a bloody pound this week!!!!! worked my shrinking butt off!!!

nsv!!!!! people at work have finally noticed my wweight losss eekkk well last wek they did cant rememeber if i mentioned it or not 2 diff people mentioned it that i,ve lost loads and looking great, and another thing i keep geeting ispeople asking me how well i am and how come i havent failed it was ment nicer then it sounds they just couldnt believe how motivated i was as they always start and quit after a week or two!!
the weird thing is this time round it doesnt feel like i,m forcing m self to diet if that makes sense its come very natural i,m still eating what i normally do and always treat my self to my choc evry day!!! i actually believe this time is for real, i mean i had that 4 week gap and i know i gained 5 but i manage to lose it and more and still going with it , where in the past i would have never been able to get back into it!!!!

right tim for bed for me night night everyone


Monday, 5 October 2009

exercise machine :~0

feel the burn!!!! and then some more!!!

i did approx 16000 steps yesterday which gav me 5.5bps and it was 6.7 miles wow!!!

today i went to the gym for an hour and burnt 1050kcal in 45 mins on the cross trainer then did some weights so roughly 9 bp earned!!!! i,m on fire!!!

really hoping for a good loss this week

oh i brought a stunning dress on ebay its a size 20 so a size smaller then what i am but thats my aim christmas i will be abl to fit into it!!! so exercise here we come i want to look nice for my work do and my boyfs work do and poss new year if we do anything!! i have about 2-3inch gap in the dress so hoping thats 20lbs as thats my weight goal coz that means i would have got my 50lbs certificate!!!!!!!!!!!

right i,m off to wake erin from her coma lol

ta ta for now!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

blog award!!! hank u becky and weigh in results

thank u soo much becky for this lovely award it was soo nice of you!!!!!!! ekkk never got anything like this before!!!
well weigh in i manage to lose 0.5lbs which i,m happy with as i had a big loss last week!!! here is to a good loss next week cant wait i will fit in to my new size 20 dress by christmas !!!!!!!!!
hope u all have had a brill week and hope u all have a good week end!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

hey hey campers

how u all doing!!!! being good i hope lol

well i,ve been a good girl and so far worked up 28bps so far but i did have a sneeky peak on the scales and they sayi,m stayingthe same i,ll be happy with that i,ve had my montly plus i had such a big loss last week cant expect to keep on losing my body does need to rebal every now and again!!!!!!

big shout out to phil who lost 9lbs this week you go man!! thats so impressive!!!!!

i,m off to have some lunch now!!!

tata for now


Thursday, 24 September 2009

weigh in....



god knows how! well i was a good girl and did loads of exercise this week and stuck to it nearly fainted when i saw that i,ve lost the weight and a lil more :) so i,ve now lost 2st 1lb wow sounds weird when you say it out loud!!!!! i,m eve excited about getting into the 30lbs section lol

got to be extra good this week as you now what the body goes like loses big and the the following week u gain or sts !!! gym here i come :)

i,m off to have my well deserved chinese mmm yummy

hugs to all

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

nervous about weigh in toomo

well i have done plenty of exercise

mon - gym and wii
tues - wii and a walk
weds - gym
thurs - i,ll be gyming it before weigh in

ii did have a sneaky peak and it said 15st 10 which means a 3llbs loss be soo happy with that

but now i have come on my period :( so i, bound to balloon and put on 10lbs oh well we,ll soon see tomo!!!!


Sunday, 20 September 2009

i,m back people for good

dam it just lost my whole page work!!!!!!

take 2 lol

well i,m offically moved in now all nice and cossy :) still got a few lil bits to do but that will come n time!!!

well i had a bit of a boo boo yesterday i was helping out in the bathroom trying to sort the mirror and i banged it against the sink and dropped it!!!!!.....ouch i cut my foot open was not nice took 20 mins for the bleeding to stop, it is bad but not to bad that it will fall off or anything!! just got those strips over it couldnt e bothered to got to a&e to wait for hours.

oh i did the dreadd weigh in and after 4 week i put on 5lbs which aint to bad and i,m happy with that especially as put on 4 in the first week while i was on holiday :) :) only bad thing now with my foot as it is cant doo too much exercise but will try other things out

big hugs to alll

right need to update my stats

Monday, 31 August 2009

sorry been missing

well i,ve had very hectic 2 weeks!!!!

i got a new phone a nokia n97 in white which i love :) just before goig to devon for a week so i ddint bother updating people with my new number well my friends and family got it so u can magine my surprise when my dad called on the wednesday 19th saying the council have tried calling me! so i called them back thinking whats up and i couldnt believe it when they said they are putting my name forward to the letting agency for a 2 bed GROUND floor flat but were i,m still on a joint mortgage with my ex they might reject me so when i came back from the holiday i had a letter saying i have to go see the letting people on the monday 24th and bring all relivant documents. well they gave it to me and i viewed it needed a lot of paint as it was old fashioned but very good condition and i got my keys on friday!!!!

so this whole weekend been painting erins room and the living room!!!! and is looking good very excited hoping to move in fully this weekend coming as everything is being delivered then :)

havent been weighed for 2-3 weeks been so busy but stepped on scales at home and said a 4.5lbs gain which aint too bad!!!!!!!!

hope all is ok!! hugs to all

Thursday, 13 August 2009

feel a bit bitter sweet today...

,....... dont know if thats the phrase well it is now well

had my hospital appointment to get my results for my blood work and james 2nd semen jobby (for people who dont know i,m trying to get pregnant#) well the blood work for my day 21 i could have cried the doc said he would like to see the level at 30 mine was less then 1 yes you saw right less then 1!!! so im not ovulating and when i do bleed i,m not actually ovulating then its just my body flushing everything out :( so he said could do 1 of 3 things
1) wit a few months as i might fall naturally
2) start on clomid
3) do iui ( my partner has a good count but lets just say some cant be bothered to get there bums off the sofa

so the doc said go with clomid but before we do that i have to have another scan call hycosy and thats stands for hysterosalpingo contrast sonogram basically they are goone shove a tube right ur into the cervic to make sure the whole is clear and shoot dye into my tube to make sure they are ok!!! been told by afriend that this hurts and she sreamed and cried and people she know went fo it also did the same!!! i am a wimp so this will hurt it does mention i have to take paracetomal 30 mins before to easy any discomfort......

.....hahah discomfort = PAIN in docs language

once i get these results they will put me on clomid so next appointment to find results is 16th november!!!!! feel really low and crap i knew having pcos u get probs and where i concieved before i just thought my umber would be higher but less then 1 thats shit!!!!!!!

on the up side i did lose 2lbs this week making it 28.5lbs= 2st 05lbs

yes i got my 2 st my 4th silver 7 tonight so i,m happy with that:~) i,m on holiday next week but already got my meeting set up for when i,m in devon so i,m all organised and being a good girl!!!!

big big hugs to all i know i need one :)


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

getting better

well all day yesterday she was throwingup everything had t go to the docs twice as they said i she hasnt improved by the afternoo n have to bring her back so i did, and the doc said right if she throws up again take her up the hospital, so she had a drink at 6 came to about 11 and she threw it up but i didnt take her up the hospital as it took 5 hrs this time instead of 20 mins so i said to my other half if she doesit again well go, bless her we all slept through to 11am the next day we went and saw the doc as she just wanted to check how she is getting on ...well erin is walking and talking she is a lil groggy but a lot lot better :) just glad she is on the mend as we are going on holiday on saturday!! off to hopefully sunny devon for a week cant wait
i,ve alredy go my weigh in placed its only a mile away from the caravan site and its on a tuesday cant believe i,m being this good and organised i know if i dont weigh in i,ll come back putting half a stone on gulp!!!!!!!

oh nsv i think i,m becoming a complete size 22 as now my work trouser fit nicely and 3 jeans fit now woohooooo still got one left , but it looks a lot like a size 20 oh talking about a size 20 i tried on my lil black skirt to see how far i gotto fit in there and i got into it its a lil snug round the waist but with the right top it looks great :) soo happy


Monday, 10 August 2009

miserable old mondays

well got my lil girl back from her dads saturday all was fine come sunday she starts throwing up!! i cant even handle my own sick let alone anyone elses....yes i am a wimp!!!! and the poor lil soul is still puking her guts out today so thats 48hrs so far. she cant keep water or food down :( went to docs today at 11.30 and she has a bug but they want me to keep an eye on her and if she is like it this evening got to go back to the docs and go from there!! they said worse case is she,ll have to go to hospital to be put on a drip to rehydrate her!!!
hate seeing her like this makes me feel helpless !!! just hope she is better for our holiday this weekend...

so i couldnt go the gym today hopefully will still be able to go wednesday , feel so blah and bloated at the mo though :(

well hopefully the doc will have some nice news this evening

Saturday, 8 August 2009

get in!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for being late and all!!!!!!

well i got weighed thursday and it came up with 15st 10lbs it took me 15 secs to realise what happened but thats 3 lbs woohoooooooo i lost 3lbs worked so hard this week and all with all the running i,ve started doing :) :)

oh i got my 10% yayayayayayayayayayayayay the most important thing and i nearly forgot to mention it lol i sat down waiting for the meeting to start looking at my card and i just got soo upset (of joy) felt sooo happy that i have come this far!!!! and now i,m only 1.5lbs away from getting 2st my 4th silver 7!!!

i,m soo determind now to get that 1.5lbs before my holiday next week! i did an hour on the wii yesterday and today done another hour plus went out for a 90 min walk in the evening prob do another hour tommo lol plus the gym mon, wednes and thurs :)

hope all of you have a great week if u didnt big hugs and you,ll have an even better week next week


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

my night out

have no idea what happened to the camera but i,m loving this red effect looking quite sexy here ;)

started off all nicely!!!! cute lil girly pics hahah but there is a reason i should not drink...........
and this pic below is a reason!!!! lol there was another one more but mmmm not for the faint hearted its on my facebook if u dare to look lol

hahaha things we do when were drunk lol

Monday, 3 August 2009

my god where did the weekend go...

well saturday i had 9.5pts worth of food was soo pleased which ment i had13.5pts towards alcohol :) well before we left my mates house i think i had 4 or 5 glasses of wine... no think it was 4 well average at 2pts so thats 8pts gulp!! got tothe club and had 3 glasses of complimentary bubbly hmmm 3pts each maybe i also had corky shots the cheery flavour so i,m thinking 20pts for alcohol!!! which i dont think is toooooo bad could be worseso i,m only 7pts over for the day...
.....BUT i did do 2 hours worth of dancing at medium level i made sure it was at least meduim level so thats works out to be 8.5bp so after all of that i had 1.5pts left over woop woop

well my sunday i didnt get out of bed more like couldnt was so hung over i ached felt sick headache was not good :( but was a good girl i had 17.5 pts worth of food and saved 5.5pts just incase my calculations are wrong for sat as i need to lose my 2lbs all i can hear in my head is 10% 10%

was a lil naughty girl though i had a sp today and was a lil shock it said 15st 10.5 wow couldnt believe it thats 2.5lbs down :) but still got another 3 days so anything can happen!!!!!

i,m off to watch my biggest loser now :)

Thursday, 30 July 2009

weigh in result week 12

i lost 1.5lbs this week!!! so happy i,m under 16st now i,m a skinny 15st 13lbs woop woop!!!!!

i was a little annoyed with weight watchers today as i,m trying to work out my 10% i started at 17st 8.5lbs and my 5% was 12lbs the book says double it which makes 24lbs and 15st 12.5lbs even the online thing says it but my weight tracker for my online thing says 15st 11.8lbs so 15.12lbs but the woman at ww said its 15st 11lbs!!! how am i getting these didd numbers so now i gotta lose another 2lbs to get to my 10% meh meh

oh a positive note i manage to jog for 13 mins none stop today was sooo chuffed!!!!
i,m actually learning to enjoy jogging dont know why makes me feel strong and powerful

hopefully fingers crossed i,ll lose my 2lbs this week..... oh i,m going out clubbing saturday!!! doh gym here i come then lol


Saturday, 25 July 2009

what a gorgeous day

how hot is today!!!!! hope sunday iis the same :) well today has been busy i,ve done plenty of washing up and clothes washing been on the wii fit for 30 mins today yay!!!! i,ve also been pcking some bits away to put in the attic ready for when i ever get a place!!!

i didnt weigh in this week did my hip in felt yukky!!!

so been extra good ths week so hopefully will have lost this week yesterday i was such an angel i still dont know how many poinnts i had here it is
fruit (berrys)1pt
celery 0pts

salad 0pts
pasta 0.5pts
ham 0.5pts
mayo 0.5pts

for dinner i was eating out with mates so e went to chiquitos and i have no idea the pts as what they said in the points didnt taste it

it was a ceaser salad with chicken apparantly 10.5pts ??!!!
it had no parmasen cheese it came with anchovies which i didnt eat the chicken looked grilled it had the sauce but not 7pts worth i would have said 3.5pts for chicken 0 for salad and 3-4 for the ceaser dressing but i still clamed 10.5pts

then went to cinema where is had 7pts of sweet popcorn :)

oh only had 20 pts woops

oh well!!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

bit of a blah week

feeling a bit odd and bloated and big this week my mate thinks its coz i,m ovulating and something you feel like this!!
i had a sp on the scales and it said a 1.5lbs gain and i dont know why been good think its coz of the exercise i did it thursday at the gym then saturday i did the biggest loser dvd oh mmy god that killed again!!! and my whole leg muscles hurt for 5 daysi think i torn them as it hurt to bend them!!! i went swimming with james and erin sunday, then the gym again today i do a mix at the gym cardio and weights!!! maybe i,m gaining muscle!!!!! who knows
i decided to be a bit vain and take a pic and i can see the diff no triple chins my face looks less bloated! yay i,m gonna keep looking atthese pics as this will help me to carry on!!!!!!!
heres to weigh in tommo!!!!
oh forgot the exciting thing i can now jog for 5 mins at a go instead of nearly dieing after 1.5 mins did this on and off on the tread mill 2 min walk 5 min jog for 20 mins and now my hip hurts really badly doh doh think i pushed myself to quickly it was weird i wasnt out of breathe either just sweaty :)
love to all

Sunday, 19 July 2009

gonna do the wendi plan on thursday onwards

wendie plan

day 1- 25
day 2 -22
day 3- 34
day 4 -20
day 5 -24
day 6- 23
day 7 -20 wi

as of this week i,m gonna give this ago!!!! would be nice for a slight change maybe help me get past my milestone of getting into the 15's


Saturday, 18 July 2009

loving my new background

yay i love it when they add new things for you to play around with!!!

was a good girl today and did my biggest loser dvd :)

im getting slightly worried... i,ve always been around the 16-18st mark and every time i start losing weigh i get to about 16st 2-3lbs and stop, so i,m very nervous about stepping into the 15's i have been a lot lighter then this but its been while and i,m scared i,m gonna deliberatly sabatoge myself!!! sond silly but this is my safety fat! and with out it i,ll feel naked and vunerable!!!

well we,ll see what happens this week!!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

weigh in result

i did my last chance workout today desperate not to stay the same!!!

oh oh also cant rememeber if have written this or not but the biggest loser dvd oh my god its fantatsic i was pouring with sweat after the first 5 mins!!! that was yesterday and i completed the 65 mins how i dont know! today.......i ache every where even places i didnt even realise i had muscles lol

oh and the results..........
.............................. i lost 2lbs

so happy with that and was shocked is well now i,m only a pound away from being in the 15st bracket i cant wait!! also 6lbs till 2st loss!!! scary stuff!!!!!

i,m loving this new way of living! my friend is doing the cambridge diet and this week she lost a 1lb last week she lost 3lb not being funny she is drinking shakes and lost 4lbs in 2 weeks i have had choc, takeaway.... well food!!! and lost 4.5lbs i kno what iim chooseing also my other friend is doing slimming world and since oct she has lost 13.5lbs which is good but i feel guilty coz she has been saying that she gained here lost half there and im like 3lb off here 2 lb off here!! ive told her to come with me to ww as its fab but she aint interested,..... never mind!!!

heres to my 1lb next week!!!!!! come on 5's

oh oh i got my 3rd silver seven also today :)

Monday, 13 July 2009

i love the wii ft and my pedometre

i,ve done a bit of walking today :) 14340 steps which earnd me 5bp yay!! i dont know what it is but if i see 1 or 2 blocks left i have to deliberatley go walking to get the next level :) and now it got to the point that i love walking :)

also did 28 mins on the wii and erned 2.5bps

i,m hoping to lose at least a pound this week to get my next silver seven!! i can see it i can almost touch it.... fingers crossed for thursday!!!!

my dad is away till saturday so got the house to my self (fiance here is well) and i,m soo much more relaxed and chilled

oh i,m hoping to hear this week if i can get my name off the mortgage!!!! yay!!!!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Saturday, 11 July 2009

wow so proud of my achievment.....

................on the wii fit!!!!!!!!

i did 46 mins in total yay but the biggest thing i was i managed to do 10 mins solid on the hulahoop 5 mins each way!!!! 10 whole mins i couldnt believe it i got 3.5bps just for that its so intense within 1 min i was sweating and out of breathe!!!!!!!!!

so i got 6.5bps for 46 mins worth of exercise which s good as i,m going for a curry tonight with my mu and boyf i,m having plain chick tikka no suace 8pts and plian rice 8pts so 16pts in total which leaves me 2pts left so if anything goes wrong i have 8.5pts as a back up lol

oh oh i was in new look andi decided to bite the bullet and try something on that i know i woudnt normally wear the long shirts!!! i tried them on and they look good especially with leggings, they look even better when i lose more weight but i,m wearing them now!!! woop woop!!!!
off for shower now!

oh just brought the biggest loser dvd on play so cant wait for that to arrive :)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

week 9 weigh in results!!!!!!!

well considering it was my totm!! feeling bloated cranky etc.... i managed to lose 2.5lbs yay!!!!!! thats 20lbs in 9 weeks thats just crazy!!! i actually feel like i,m gonna do it this time as before everytime i started a diet i would get to 13/14lbs and stops i,m on 20 yes 20lbs :) :)

my work trousers actually fell down today lucky noone saw!!!!! the 24's are too big well in those type of trousers any way the 22's are getting there!!!! i,m into my 22 jeans now yay!!

hoping for 3lbs this week then i can scream i,m 15st something!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

feeling a bit pants today...

.... i need a big long holiday away from everything i dont know whether coz i,ve got my monthly but i,m soo sort daughter who i swear is the anti christ doesnt sleep through the night and she is up already for the first time and people say let her cry it out but its hard when ur i the same room and 2 feet away you just wanna slam ur head into the wall!!!! so she gets 2-3 drinks a night to calm her down, she is a naughty girl she doesnt do as she says, she doesnt reall eat properlly she breaks it all up and throws it to the ground so i feed her!!!! i shuldnt be feeding her at this age should i????? also i,m tempted to take her to the health visitor as i,m convinced he has some problem acd or smething all ways hyper and naughty and the paddys my god!!!!! i see other kids her age so good and kind and loving not erin she rather charge at ya head but ya then slap ya while laughing as she thinks its funny u tell her no!!! and she still laughs got to the point were i smack her now as nothing works and i really dont care where people say you shouldnt smack your kids !!! hmmm u say that after spending the week with erin nothing works!!! her dad well he sees her when its ok with him he has holidays here and there the cheek he said if i cant find a last min deal i,ll have erin for the week!!!!!! that should have been the first thing he wanted!!! but he found a holiday and then bitch and said he missed erin lots !!!!!!!


sorry for the moan guys


Monday, 6 July 2009

my new charm

here it is my first charm well love link!!! this is for my 1st stone lost bless my other half brought me this and he has got me another one for my 5% loss its a plain lil star so need a new pick to add on!!!! look soo pretty!!! cant wait to add more and moree on woop woop!!!

newish pic of me so far!!!

this is what i wore out the night i drank a million points!
so i,m 16st 6 ! god i look awful i have picture time!! but it can only get better right??!!!!
see it wouldnt bee so bad if my wasit went in its the worse part of my body :( plus my huge assets!!!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

nsv x2!!!!!!!!!

well my partner brought me this gorgeous silver silk bra from m&s for my bday months ago and i tried it on then and i had to squuze it to clasp as the fabric wasnt stretchy so what u see is what u got! so i squeezed into it and i had to take it off as it was hurting my ribs and the fat bulging ever where was awful i couldnt remeber how big i was well i tried it on today and i completely forgot what i was doing and it took me 10secs to catch up with my self i got it done up!!! no struggling no breathing it no fat bulging yay!!!!!!!!

the other is my denim skirt has been a lil loose nothing to worry about and today put it on went round town and i kept puling my skirt up as it kept falling down at one point i nearly lost it!!! would have given the public a shock lol!!!

so double yeah!!!!

used my pedo metre today walked 10780 steps which gave me 3 bps yay i,m on a roll!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

weigh in after my million point weekend

well i think i needed to save about 40pts or ear the due to my amazing weekend!!! and i worked really hard at the gym and saving 3-4pts a day!! as the biggest loser said i had my last chance workout session today before weigh in and it must ave done something as i manage to lose 1lbs

woop woop was soo shocked so i weigh 16st 5lbs now 17.5lbs!! see i think i,m still in denial!! when i see that i dont see it as a lot but when i was putting it in my online graph it said lost 1st 3.5lbs and i was just there staring thinking oh my god that is a lot!! i think coz in my head i still got to lose a lot more so i really need to stop being soo negative and be excited over how much i lost!!!
my aim is 3lbs this week coming and 2.5lbs the following week then i,ll be 15st something eeekkkkk!!!!!!

right need to make my sarnies for work tommo!

Monday, 29 June 2009

try to earn and save as much as possible

i must have eaten like 30pts saturday at least and the scales say a pound gain!!! so today i went to the gym for 50 mins earned 5bps, i did some walking and earned 1.5pts and then did some weeding for 90 mins wchic i put under moderate and that was 6bps so today i earned 12.5bps and saving 4 so 16.5pts i,m saving today yay me!!!!

this heat is killing me i hate being obese in this weather, every where sweats its not nice feeling!!! oh well hopefully next year i wont have this problem :)

erin wont sleep she has been screaming for an hour so thats driving me insane why wont the fucking council give me anywhere!!!!! there are 3 of us in one room!!!!! (james stays over sometimes) and i have my brother and his girlfriend in the other room and my dad its a 3 bed bungalow!! my dad is a weirdo and he nevergives us any privacy! very unhygeinic its disgusting now wonder me and erin are always ill!! oh and in my room i have mould keep appearing on the walls grrrrrrrr

right i,m off to bang my head against something

Sunday, 28 June 2009

a bit late but here we go weigh in

i lost 3 lbs this week!!!! i,m sooo shocked!!! felt heavier now then i did last week so i am now 6st 6lbs only 8lbs away from 10% and only 6.5lbs away from getting to the next stone bracket and before that only 4.5lbs to my next silver 7 which i,m hoping to do in 2 weeks :)

well had a interesting weekend a bit more of my wisdom tooth fell out saturday the dentist wont do anything till i,m in pain!!! stupid i know!!

suffered from upset tummy all day so took like 2 imodines to stop it as i was going out with the girls drinking and eating!!! lol i must have had like a million points but it was worth it!!!, today had an upset stomach again so i must have some kind of stomach bug!!! :(

hoping to feel better tomo as i have the gym 10-11.30 i might still go... they have toilets there lol!!

well i,m be happy to sts this week i would love to have lost but lets be honest the amount of alcohol i drunk its ot gonna happen lol..

heres to a better week :)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

nerves are setting in now

been a really good girl earned about 20bp and saved 8 normal pts (make up from friday splurge) so far

well tommorw is d-day went to the gym today and starrted using the weights routine! the instructor said u burn more cals as your body isnt use to it so here goes! i,m gonna alternate monday is cardio and wednesday is weights! oh i never realised how big my arms are huge thing sooo need to tone them up.

well i,m gonna go to sleep in a mo!! got a hectic day at work to cope with will blog once i,ve been weighed...mwah!!!

Monday, 22 June 2009

really naff week

well i was good! i did walking and upped my water drank 2 litres a day! stuck to my points if not i save 1-2pts a day

and guess what i gained a poind sooo not impressed!!! maybe its the water maybe coz i,ve got my monthly in a couple of days if it shows considering the last one took 12 weeks and that was induced.

oh funny thing happened the other day my O/H was ment to have a test done a sperm count they said no sex for 2-5 days before u test mmmmm we did it last night and we realised today that his appointment is today woops!!! so we have rescheduled it soo funny!!!

well friday just gone i was so upset about gaining a pound i ate for britain1 just didnt care but the food made me nasty and horrible i didnt realise i thought it was kissing my wounds but really it was making them bigger it wasnt till o/h half turned round ad said u are a very nasty person today and i clicked! weird huh!!

i,ve been good since then and i went to the gym today manage to earn 9bp yay feel so good for doing it plus i,m going wednesday is well!!

dreaded weigh in is creaping up not looking forward to thursday!!

will blog again in a couple of days!

Monday, 15 June 2009

just a quick intro

well i think i,ve finally got this blog sorted its soo very confusing but here goes!

i think this is my 12th time joining weightwatchers i remeber my 1st time i was 18 and only 15st 1lb thinking tht was awful and manage to get down to 11st 2lbs but as always a fella came into my life i was happy and on went the pounds! this kept going forthe next 9 years i,d lose a stone and give up and then gorge myself stupid! i,m not happy with the way i am i hate the way i look so i dont know why i do what i do!!

i,ve done diets from ww to lighter life to pills i,ve done loads and i,ve realised ww was the one that worked with my life style and actually lost weight with....

me and my fiance are trying to get pregnant i have pcos which makes things very difficult!! i manage to get pregnant from a previos relationship which gave me my beautiful erin so i need to lose weight to help my body out! we are currently under the fertiity hospital havng all the tests done so fingers crossed something will happen soon... :)

so here i am starting it again when i stepped on the scales and it said 17st 8.5lbs i could have died! i knew i was big but not that big!!! so time to shift some pounds haha a lot of pounds more like i,ve already decided on a overal goal of 10st 2lbs which works out to be 100lbs how scary is that :( .... well i,m on week 6 now and feeling alright and its weird maybe my head is more clearer or something but i,m enjoying it , it doesnt feel like i,m on a diet plus keep having points left over :) here is a quick run down on my weight loss

week 1- 2.5lbs
week 2- 4.5lbs
week 3- 4lbs
week 4- 0.5lbs (totm)
week 5- 3lbs

well i,m off to drik my water as thats my aim this week to drink my 2ltrs