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weight loss ticker!!!!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

get in!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for being late and all!!!!!!

well i got weighed thursday and it came up with 15st 10lbs it took me 15 secs to realise what happened but thats 3 lbs woohoooooooo i lost 3lbs worked so hard this week and all with all the running i,ve started doing :) :)

oh i got my 10% yayayayayayayayayayayayay the most important thing and i nearly forgot to mention it lol i sat down waiting for the meeting to start looking at my card and i just got soo upset (of joy) felt sooo happy that i have come this far!!!! and now i,m only 1.5lbs away from getting 2st my 4th silver 7!!!

i,m soo determind now to get that 1.5lbs before my holiday next week! i did an hour on the wii yesterday and today done another hour plus went out for a 90 min walk in the evening prob do another hour tommo lol plus the gym mon, wednes and thurs :)

hope all of you have a great week if u didnt big hugs and you,ll have an even better week next week



  1. Wooohoooo well done Kerry !! Thats brill !! Your doing so well. Good luck with getting to the 2 st mark next week xxx