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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

feel a bit bitter sweet today...

,....... dont know if thats the phrase well it is now well

had my hospital appointment to get my results for my blood work and james 2nd semen jobby (for people who dont know i,m trying to get pregnant#) well the blood work for my day 21 i could have cried the doc said he would like to see the level at 30 mine was less then 1 yes you saw right less then 1!!! so im not ovulating and when i do bleed i,m not actually ovulating then its just my body flushing everything out :( so he said could do 1 of 3 things
1) wit a few months as i might fall naturally
2) start on clomid
3) do iui ( my partner has a good count but lets just say some cant be bothered to get there bums off the sofa

so the doc said go with clomid but before we do that i have to have another scan call hycosy and thats stands for hysterosalpingo contrast sonogram basically they are goone shove a tube right ur into the cervic to make sure the whole is clear and shoot dye into my tube to make sure they are ok!!! been told by afriend that this hurts and she sreamed and cried and people she know went fo it also did the same!!! i am a wimp so this will hurt it does mention i have to take paracetomal 30 mins before to easy any discomfort......

.....hahah discomfort = PAIN in docs language

once i get these results they will put me on clomid so next appointment to find results is 16th november!!!!! feel really low and crap i knew having pcos u get probs and where i concieved before i just thought my umber would be higher but less then 1 thats shit!!!!!!!

on the up side i did lose 2lbs this week making it 28.5lbs= 2st 05lbs

yes i got my 2 st my 4th silver 7 tonight so i,m happy with that:~) i,m on holiday next week but already got my meeting set up for when i,m in devon so i,m all organised and being a good girl!!!!

big big hugs to all i know i need one :)


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  1. Oh Kerry (((big hugs))) to you. Keep thinking positive hunnie, it will all be worth it in the end, you just wait and see .
    And well done for staying focused on ww with all that your going through. Must be tough sometimes, but your doing a great job. Well done hunnie xxxx