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Monday, 3 August 2009

my god where did the weekend go...

well saturday i had 9.5pts worth of food was soo pleased which ment i had13.5pts towards alcohol :) well before we left my mates house i think i had 4 or 5 glasses of wine... no think it was 4 well average at 2pts so thats 8pts gulp!! got tothe club and had 3 glasses of complimentary bubbly hmmm 3pts each maybe i also had corky shots the cheery flavour so i,m thinking 20pts for alcohol!!! which i dont think is toooooo bad could be worseso i,m only 7pts over for the day...
.....BUT i did do 2 hours worth of dancing at medium level i made sure it was at least meduim level so thats works out to be 8.5bp so after all of that i had 1.5pts left over woop woop

well my sunday i didnt get out of bed more like couldnt was so hung over i ached felt sick headache was not good :( but was a good girl i had 17.5 pts worth of food and saved 5.5pts just incase my calculations are wrong for sat as i need to lose my 2lbs all i can hear in my head is 10% 10%

was a lil naughty girl though i had a sp today and was a lil shock it said 15st 10.5 wow couldnt believe it thats 2.5lbs down :) but still got another 3 days so anything can happen!!!!!

i,m off to watch my biggest loser now :)

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