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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 31 August 2009

sorry been missing

well i,ve had very hectic 2 weeks!!!!

i got a new phone a nokia n97 in white which i love :) just before goig to devon for a week so i ddint bother updating people with my new number well my friends and family got it so u can magine my surprise when my dad called on the wednesday 19th saying the council have tried calling me! so i called them back thinking whats up and i couldnt believe it when they said they are putting my name forward to the letting agency for a 2 bed GROUND floor flat but were i,m still on a joint mortgage with my ex they might reject me so when i came back from the holiday i had a letter saying i have to go see the letting people on the monday 24th and bring all relivant documents. well they gave it to me and i viewed it needed a lot of paint as it was old fashioned but very good condition and i got my keys on friday!!!!

so this whole weekend been painting erins room and the living room!!!! and is looking good very excited hoping to move in fully this weekend coming as everything is being delivered then :)

havent been weighed for 2-3 weeks been so busy but stepped on scales at home and said a 4.5lbs gain which aint too bad!!!!!!!!

hope all is ok!! hugs to all

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