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weight loss ticker!!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

i,m back people for good

dam it just lost my whole page work!!!!!!

take 2 lol

well i,m offically moved in now all nice and cossy :) still got a few lil bits to do but that will come n time!!!

well i had a bit of a boo boo yesterday i was helping out in the bathroom trying to sort the mirror and i banged it against the sink and dropped it!!!!!.....ouch i cut my foot open was not nice took 20 mins for the bleeding to stop, it is bad but not to bad that it will fall off or anything!! just got those strips over it couldnt e bothered to got to a&e to wait for hours.

oh i did the dreadd weigh in and after 4 week i put on 5lbs which aint to bad and i,m happy with that especially as put on 4 in the first week while i was on holiday :) :) only bad thing now with my foot as it is cant doo too much exercise but will try other things out

big hugs to alll

right need to update my stats

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