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weight loss ticker!!!!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

hey hey campers

how u all doing!!!! being good i hope lol

well i,ve been a good girl and so far worked up 28bps so far but i did have a sneeky peak on the scales and they sayi,m stayingthe same i,ll be happy with that i,ve had my montly plus i had such a big loss last week cant expect to keep on losing my body does need to rebal every now and again!!!!!!

big shout out to phil who lost 9lbs this week you go man!! thats so impressive!!!!!

i,m off to have some lunch now!!!

tata for now



  1. thanx honey, can't stop smiling about it, never been this motivated before, i really feel i'll get to goal this time. thanx for all the nice comments and positive encouragement, you rock!!!!!

  2. Hi Congratulations I have awarded you the "Lovely Blog Award" you truly deserve it, love Becky xx