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Monday, 10 August 2009

miserable old mondays

well got my lil girl back from her dads saturday all was fine come sunday she starts throwing up!! i cant even handle my own sick let alone anyone elses....yes i am a wimp!!!! and the poor lil soul is still puking her guts out today so thats 48hrs so far. she cant keep water or food down :( went to docs today at 11.30 and she has a bug but they want me to keep an eye on her and if she is like it this evening got to go back to the docs and go from there!! they said worse case is she,ll have to go to hospital to be put on a drip to rehydrate her!!!
hate seeing her like this makes me feel helpless !!! just hope she is better for our holiday this weekend...

so i couldnt go the gym today hopefully will still be able to go wednesday , feel so blah and bloated at the mo though :(

well hopefully the doc will have some nice news this evening


  1. Awwww bless her. Poor little thing. Its horrible to see them so poorly. Hope shes feeling better really soon hun x

  2. Hey Kerry.....I hope your little girl feels better the same when people are sick i cant go any where near it even my own..but im glad its just a bug and hope she is over the worst of it ♥