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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

weigh in result week 12

i lost 1.5lbs this week!!! so happy i,m under 16st now i,m a skinny 15st 13lbs woop woop!!!!!

i was a little annoyed with weight watchers today as i,m trying to work out my 10% i started at 17st 8.5lbs and my 5% was 12lbs the book says double it which makes 24lbs and 15st 12.5lbs even the online thing says it but my weight tracker for my online thing says 15st 11.8lbs so 15.12lbs but the woman at ww said its 15st 11lbs!!! how am i getting these didd numbers so now i gotta lose another 2lbs to get to my 10% meh meh

oh a positive note i manage to jog for 13 mins none stop today was sooo chuffed!!!!
i,m actually learning to enjoy jogging dont know why makes me feel strong and powerful

hopefully fingers crossed i,ll lose my 2lbs this week..... oh i,m going out clubbing saturday!!! doh gym here i come then lol



  1. Hey Kerry, just got your facebook, i lost 1.5lbs too!! Well done on getting into the 15lbs- woohoo!
    Alice xx

  2. Wooohoooo.... skinny minny !!

    Well done Kerry, thats fantastic. Makes you feel a million dollars when you drop into the next stone bracket hey ??!!
    Good luck with the 10% next week, and hope you enjoy your night out clubbing x