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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 13 July 2009

i love the wii ft and my pedometre

i,ve done a bit of walking today :) 14340 steps which earnd me 5bp yay!! i dont know what it is but if i see 1 or 2 blocks left i have to deliberatley go walking to get the next level :) and now it got to the point that i love walking :)

also did 28 mins on the wii and erned 2.5bps

i,m hoping to lose at least a pound this week to get my next silver seven!! i can see it i can almost touch it.... fingers crossed for thursday!!!!

my dad is away till saturday so got the house to my self (fiance here is well) and i,m soo much more relaxed and chilled

oh i,m hoping to hear this week if i can get my name off the mortgage!!!! yay!!!!

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  1. I didnt like the pedometer, i thought it was miss leading.....i walked for 6 miles one day and it told me id only done i sold it on ebay lol only had it 2 weeks.....good luck with your weigh in Thursday, mine was todat, did go to well....1½ ON :-(

    Ps....Did you get my email with the signatues to choose from?