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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 19 October 2009

this is what 50lbs less looks like

hiya i did that look 50lbs slimmer so this is what 170lbs looks like i quite like it :) yay but looks weird the same time!!! boyf likes the look of it which surprised me as he is a curvy kinda woman lover which worrys me as i want to be a 12 to 14 he is like nothing wrong with 18 or 16!!! i dont want to be a 18 or 16 i want to be happy with my size and thats a 12 to 14!
so instead of being worried my boys would leave me for a skinner person i,m worrie he,ll leave me for a bigger girl!!

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  1. Oh wow Kerry you look great, and we can never win csn we....we gain weight they moan, we loose weight they moan even more lol.....but i think you look fabaroooonie too.