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weight loss ticker!!!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

god i feel sick what a week!!!

well i was soo happy after losing 4lbs last week so the week started well then it was my lil girls 2nd birthday on sunday and had loads of friends and family round and party food gulp!!!! so i indulged a bit but monday i was good and went to the gym then tuesday i found out that my lil girl got confirmed with swine flu and tonsilitus, she was with her dad for a couple oof days so i,m worried sick but now she is back home so i can look after her!!!!
so i binged tuesday and again today and i actually fel quite sick why have i done this too my self! i have been good since i started the diet it is true though crap actually makes u feel like crap!!
oh today i have just been told my auntie has died! have no idea why or what happened so they are investigating it my poor uncle is devastated 8yrs ago she had a stroke and never fully recovered and it affected her voice also plus she is a diabetic, my mum seems to think is was an infection that she picked up which i dont know from what!!! just feel quite numb it doesnt feel real like its some kind of sick joke some one is playing!! hate this feeling, this is the first death that i have experienced apart from pets, so i,m just.... dunno upset confused angry hate it!!!
and i got weigh in!!! meh plus i,m due on any day agghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. oh honey, lots of zen hugs. hope everything gets better soon. Don't beat yourself up if you have a gain just take the time for yourself.

    Hope your kiddie gets better soon,

  2. Golly you've had a tough week to deal with ... I've been through my fair share of family losses but it never gets any easier ... *hugs* for you and I hope you little one gets better very soon!
    Debbie x