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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

exercise machine :~0

feel the burn!!!! and then some more!!!

i did approx 16000 steps yesterday which gav me 5.5bps and it was 6.7 miles wow!!!

today i went to the gym for an hour and burnt 1050kcal in 45 mins on the cross trainer then did some weights so roughly 9 bp earned!!!! i,m on fire!!!

really hoping for a good loss this week

oh i brought a stunning dress on ebay its a size 20 so a size smaller then what i am but thats my aim christmas i will be abl to fit into it!!! so exercise here we come i want to look nice for my work do and my boyfs work do and poss new year if we do anything!! i have about 2-3inch gap in the dress so hoping thats 20lbs as thats my weight goal coz that means i would have got my 50lbs certificate!!!!!!!!!!!

right i,m off to wake erin from her coma lol

ta ta for now!!

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