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weight loss ticker!!!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

hi everyone.....

...... hope u all had a lovely christmas and a very happy new year!!!!

i was a very busy bee my self also a busy bee with feeding my mouth :( woops i know i have a problem i,m known as a compulse binge eater!! i ate sooo much shit and crap and poo lol i ate like it was my last supper and i couldnt stop my self i dont know why!! but i,m on it again! day 2 and going strong and i feel soo much better for it my body is reacting better i have mor eenergy and my bathroom thing is etting better :)
i do hate having pcos my friend also went of the rails with what she ate she should be worse of then me but think she is only loking at a 1-2lbs gain i stepped on the scales yesterday and they said 15st 1 thats a 10.5lbs gain in 2 weeks!! how is that posilbe thats pcos for ya!!!!! but i was good yesterday and did a lil bit of exercise and stepped on the scales today and it said 14st 13 much better i wont clear that by thursday but hopefullymost of it will be gone!!!

i,m off to drink my water and put the tree down! i,ve already gone through the house and de cluttered took out 15 bags full of crap clothes, shoes, toys, boxes generally stuff i,ll never use!!! lol a winter clean!!!

speak soon!!!


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  1. Hi.. well, I put on 10lbs whoops.. but it has dropped 7lb this week already...Very pleased! Only 4 more to get me back on track.. Hows your weight looking?? :) happy new year to you too xx