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weight loss ticker!!!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

my new hair!!!!!!

what you alll think!! it was soo long over due they thinned soo much of it also yay!!!
well i dont know what happened friday as normally frieday i tend to go over my points and eat what i want then i,m good from saturday dont know why but always done it and this friday gone i was good!!!! i didnt want to eat stuff i stuck to my points i even ate fruit at work which i never do and drunk my 2 litres at work!! it must be a fluke that i did that see what happens next friday lol!!!
got my heart watch thing and busy trying to figure it all out doing my head in soo far doh!!
off to town tommo to get my mates pressies for her bday on tuesday and going out friday night for it!! havent been out in such a long time i,m scared lol what do i wear!!!
will try some bits on and see how i feel its a glitz and sparkles theme gulp!!!!
hope ur all ok enjoy ur weekend!


  1. wow Kerry, love the hair! really suits you...i might steal the style for my next cut - had mine done today but just trimmed so no different xxx

  2. I hope you don't mind me asking but does your PCOS affect your hair much? Mine has become so lank and greasy and it is definitely thinning on top and at the back. Do you do anything special to keep yours looking healthy? Kimx

  3. think i,ve been quite lucky so far it does get greasy very quickly though say if a wash it mon i,ll have to was it wednesday for sure and thats with washing it monday night hair is normally sooo thick! but usually once a year my hair goes through a stage of falling out and i get soo worried that i,m gonna get patches but never do!! maybe asking a hair dresser if she can suggest somrthing or a doctor hun!!

    thanks emily dont mind you stealing itat all i do the same i want alice's hair the one on face book thats at goal!! its amazing !!

  4. Hiya, have an award for you on my blog