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weight loss ticker!!!!

Friday, 29 January 2010


half of you are already aware of this but after 2 years 2 months of trying for a child on sunday i found out i was pregnant!!!!! and the silly thing was i dont even know why i tested!!! i brought 25 preg test off ebay last week as i had hopsital appointment monday and they were gonna put me on clomid so i thought there is gonna be a lot of testing so i brought a bundle well after my intense workout at the gym went home and i thougt i test one just to make sure they were duds as i,ve never brought from this person before and u can imagine my frecking surprise when i saw 2 lines!!!! was soo shocked i did another one lol!!! yeah i,ve been tired and grumpy but i,m getting over xmas and the extra weight that i put on (which now makes sense why soo much ) all i kept thinking was how long would have i had gone before i would had tested to make sure coz the hospital said i had to wait for a natural period to arrive before i can take the clomid!! i would have been waiting a long long time!!
the funny thing i really shouldnt be pregnant because i had my hycosy exam 16th dec and the preg calender said i concieved the 14th dec which ment i was a naughty girl lol they said ur not allowed to have sex for 2 weeks before the exam and me and my partner did it was an accident honest! lol so if we did what the rules told us to do i wouldnt be pregnant!! i worked out sunday i was already 8 weeks pregnant as i was only 4 weeks late( god knows how the calender works it out) but the doc said i was also so i,m 8 weeks 4 days now!! got my first midwife appointment wednesday so glad i got it soo quick as they tend to see you about 8 weeks and normally there is a 3 week wait! so nervous but excited!!!!

so this blog will be a weight maintaining and preg journey till the lil is born so i can go back to ww!!!!!!!

hope ur all ok!!! i,m not constantly feel sick!! touch wood no actual sickness



  1. Congratulations to you Kerry. That's such good news.Fab!!! xx

  2. that is incredible, congrats to you and your fella.

  3. congratulations hunnie !! Thats great news x x x

  4. That is absolutley wonderful, congratulations!!!!!

  5. What lovely news. Many congratulations to you.

  6. aww thank u guys!!!! thats sooo sweet of you all !!!!!! will keep ya all posted how every thing goes