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weight loss ticker!!!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

the dreaded weigh in later

well i,ve had a sneaky peak! and yesterday i was a lil frustrated coz it only said 14st 12 only a 2 lb loss but this morning i step on the scales and it said 14st 9.5 ekkk!!! i,m quite lucky my scales dont jump up and down like most if i know i,ve been naughty it will show and if i,ve been been it will either stay the same or show a tiny lil loss i have the gym later also so hopefully that will help!! so i could be looking at a 4.5lb loss fingers crossed for me girls!!!
well if any of you follow me on face book (feel free to add me you would have noticed i had a stressful day with erin! she woke up like she had been hit by mike tyson!! her eyes were soo swollen she had a rash all over her face , neck and body!! called for a telephone appointment and the doc was like 45 mins LATE!! but she said it sounded like a allergic reaction so she got me in to see a doc for 5pm and it turned out my lil angel has tonsilitus!! and the rash is just reaction erins body is having its very common!! well her face was getting worse so i half expect the doc to say chicken pox as the rash was starting to get heads on , bless her she still her hyper self and playful she just doesnt want to eat! so plenty of fluids for her i went out and brought mini milks but i wonder who will get there first lol
i,ve started collections loads of butterfly pics!!!! i love them, they are soo stunning and graceful :) so expect some to pop up on here lol right time for breakie me thinks
will let you guys know how i get on later!!!

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